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Why more men are having plastic surgeryStatistics from the leading plastic surgery associations show that male plastic surgery is on the rise. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons highlighted this in their 2014 report on plastic surgery, noting that more than 13 percent of plastic surgery patients are men. This is a trend that South Florida Center for Cosmetic Surgery has seen crop up in our own practice. Here, our team explains a few of the reasons why more men are pursuing plastic surgery.

To Look As Young as They Feel

Men in their 30s, 40s, 50s and even 60s are more active than ever. They exercise regularly and follow a healthy diet to maintain a great physique. However, time marches on, and aging can leave its mark, especially on the facial features. The motivation to look younger in the face can come from several places, including competition in the workforce, re-entry into the dating pool after divorce or simply the personal desire for greater confidence.

To combat wrinkles, fine lines and other common signs of aging, many of our male patients seek facelift or eyelid surgery. These procedures rejuvenate the face so it reflects a youthful, active spirit. Non-surgical treatment alternatives, such as Botox or dermal filler injections, can have similar anti-aging effects with minimal downtime — perfect for the busy father or business executive.

To Refine Their Physique

Some men work out regularly and eat well, but have unwanted fat in an area of their body that won’t respond to diet and exercise. Popular examples include the “spare tire” around the middle and enlarged male breasts. Body contouring treatment with liposuction or male breast reduction are great ways to eliminate unwanted body fat and create a more masculine-looking physique.

To Correct a Troublesome Feature

Another common reason men pursue plastic surgery is to fix an inherited feature that has caused life-long embarrassment (e.g., a crooked nose, oversized ears). These men are tired of feeling self-conscious and want a permanent solution. Rhinoplasty is a popular option to improve the shape, size and features of the nose, and otoplasty to correct oversized or protruding ears.

Learn More about Plastic Surgery for Men

South Florida Center for Cosmetic Surgery welcomes all men who want to explore their surgical and non-surgical treatment options. Our plastic surgeons understand the male aesthetic and the desire for subtle, natural-looking results — men never want to look like they’ve had surgery — and our results reflect that.

We would be happy to discuss your personal needs and goals during an informative consultation. Please call us today at (954) 565-7575 to make an appointment.

Post Bariatric Cosmetic Surgery

Post-bariatric proceduresUndergoing massive weight loss surgery is a life changing achievement that deserves to be celebrated. Unfortunately, many bariatric patients are left with sagging, excess skin and fat that hang off their smaller physique, making it hard to focus on their weight loss accomplishment. If you have recently undergone weight loss surgery, body contouring can help you achieve a more attractive body shape by eliminating drooping skin that no longer contracts over your body’s contours. Here, at South Florida Center for Cosmetic Surgery we offer  the most popular body contouring procedures.

Body Lift Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss

Major weight loss that happens over a short period of time often leaves patients with a good amount of extra skin that did not shrink back to its initial state. Many bariatric patients are left with drooping, hanging  skin that obscures their smaller body figure. With excess folds of skin on upper arms or thighs it can be painful for them to exercise or move in general because the extra layer gets caught up easily when they do these activities. This is where a body lift comes into play! Body lifts not only remove all those uncomfortable layers but also help maintain healthy lifestyles by making movement easier for the patients.  Body Contouring Surgery or Skin Removal Surgery can tighten the skin in the upper arms, abdomen, back, thighs and buttocks areas.

Tummy Tuck Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss

Did you undergo bariatric surgery hoping to get the toned abs you’ve always dreamed of, only to be left with sagging skin? Tummy tuck surgery firms and tones the abdomen by eliminating unsightly, loose  skin, tightening the stretched abdominal muscles . Tummy tuck surgery is a popular choice among weight loss patients because it reduces the appearance of scars left by bariatric surgery. The experienced team of Board Certified Plastic Surgeons at South Florida Center for Cosmetic Surgery offers two types of tummy tuck procedures, the complete tummy tuck and a mini tummy tuck.

Liposuction Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss

Liposuction can help put the final touches on your post-weight loss body by toning and firming your upper arms, thighs, abdomen and buttocks. This popular procedure eliminates drooping skin and fat that are hard to get rid of through just exercise and diet. Many of our patients combine liposuction with body lift to enhance their post-weight loss physique.

Breast Augmentation Plastic Surgery After Weight loss

Women who have had a drastic weight change might find themselves with breasts that are noticeably smaller and less voluminous. Breast Augmentation surgery can increase the volume of the breasts, making them more firm, rounder looking, and fuller in appearance. Breast Augmentation is often combined with Breast Lift surgery, especially if the nipples have drooped and relocated to the lower portion of the breast, and the skin is loose and saggy.

Male Breast Reduction Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss

Men of all shapes and sizes can have enlarged breasts, but for those who went through a major weight loss, the excess breast tissue can be more noticeable due to increased laxity and sagging. Male breast reduction surgery eliminates excess fat, skin, and glandular tissues to create a flatter chest that looks much more masculine than before.  Men can confidently show off their body  by wearing close-fitting clothing in public without worrying about “man boobs.”

Take the Next Step with Body Contouring

South Florida Center for Cosmetic Surgery has helped hundreds of bariatric surgery patients firm and tone their bodies following massive weight loss. To find out how our team of experienced surgeons can help you with your weight loss journey, schedule a personal consultation today. Please call (954) 565-7575.

Tips to Keep Your Breast Looking Young

Maintaining Young BreastsAs you grow, you will likely notice changes in your breasts, including sagging or loss of shape. Fortunately, it’s never too early or too late to maintain or restore the perky, youthful look to your breasts. Here are a few tips on how to keep your breasts looking young at any age.

Eat Right
A balanced diet is essential to keeping skin smooth, including the skin on your breasts. Foods high in fat and sugar can dry the skin or cause breakouts. Processed foods, such as chips and French fries, can make your skin oily, clog pores, and age the skin. Following a proper diet includes taking in lots of fluids, as hydrating can help your skin stay bright and fresh. Make sure to drink six to eight glasses of water a day to prevent the skin on your breasts from looking dry, flaky or wrinkly.

Maintain Your Weight
It’s inevitable that women will fluctuate in weight for a variety of reasons, including pregnancies and menstrual cycles. But an extreme change in weight can affect your skin’s elasticity and cause your breasts to sag. Try to maintain a weight that works for you, and avoid extreme diets that will cause you to lose a lot of weight in a short amount of time.

Just like your facial skin, the skin on your breasts can also get sun damage. Too much time out in the sun without sunscreen can lead to wrinkles and premature aging of the skin. Ultraviolet light breaks down the collagen and elastin that keeps your breasts firm, so it’s important to wear sunscreen while outdoors. Dermatologists recommend wearing a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher.

Many women remember to moisturize their faces daily but forget to moisturize the rest of the body, including their breasts. Moisturizing once a day keeps your breast skin hydrated and provides the needed nutrients to keep skin firm and smooth.

Good Posture
Standing up straight can do wonders to your appearance, including your breasts. Slouching can cause breasts to sag and drop while sitting up straight can make them look perky. Need help standing up straight? Try standing in front of a mirror with your shoulders back, your head and chin up, your back straight, and your chest pushed outward and upward. The better your posture, the more confident you look and feel.

Wear the Right Bra
It’s hard to believe, but researchers have found that eight out of 10 women do not wear the correct bra size. Wearing the right bra size gives your breasts the proper support they need to stay perky and look great. Several department stores offer to measure women’s bra sizes to help them find the right bra size. When exercising, opt for sports bras that support your breasts and protect them from getting hurt during high-intensity activities, such as running.

Quit Smoking
Smoking cigarettes can add years to your appearance, including your breasts. Tobacco damages the skin collagen and elastin on your breasts, causing premature wrinkles and sagging. Smoking also reduces blood flow and oxygen to the skin, causing it to dry.

Build Strength
You can give your breasts a “natural” lift by strengthening the pectoral muscles underneath your breasts. Exercises like chest presses and bench presses tighten and firm the pectoral muscles and can give your breasts a natural lifting effect. Core exercises like Pilates also help by improving your posture.

Perk Up With a Breast Lift
A breast lift can help restore beauty and shape to your breasts after they begin to droop or sag. This procedure removes excess stretched skin, reshapes the breasts and lifts the nipples to a higher position. The result is perkier, fuller, more young-looking breasts.

Would you like extra help achieving livelier, youthful-looking breasts? South Florida Center for Cosmetic Surgery specializes in helping women achieve perkier, younger-looking breasts through a breast lift and other breast surgery procedures. To find out more about a breast lift or any other cosmetic surgery procedures we offer, please call (954) 565-7575.

How to choose a plastic surgeon?

Breast implant surgery

If you’re interested in Breast Augmentation Surgery, then it’s likely that you’ve already extensively researched the procedure. The next step is to choose a plastic surgeon who will deliver on your expectations for breast augmentation results. We offer tips on how to find a plastic surgeon that will give you the desired outcome and what questions are worth asking before making your final decision.

How to Choose a Plastic Surgeon: Are they Board-Certified

Before choosing your cosmetic surgeon, make sure your surgeon is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Surgeons certified by ABPS have earned a degree from an accredited medical school, completed specialized plastic surgery training, and passed written and oral examinations. Plastic surgeons are also required to continue their medical education throughout their careers, keeping their board certification and qualifications  up-to-date to perform plastic surgery.

Choose a Plastic Surgeon with Experience.

You don’t want to get on the operating table and find out later that you weren’t in good hands. Make sure your plastic surgeon has a solid background with plenty of experience performing breast augmentation procedures so they can do what’s best for your body!

Choose a plastic surgeon who regularly performs breast augmentations and specializes in the procedure. Collectively, the plastic surgeons at South Florida Center for Cosmetic Surgery have performed more than 30,000 plastic surgery procedures, including the popular breast augmentation procedure, for over nine years.

Procedure Safety When Choosing a Plastic Surgeon.

All cosmetic plastic surgery procedures  just as any other general surgery procedures should be performed at an accredited facility. This ensures the facility has met strict national standards for equipment, operating room safety, personnel and surgeon credentials. Make sure to go over your medical history with your primary care physician as well as your cosmetic surgeon before undergoing the surgery to make sure everything goes smoothly. Do not withhold any important information about your health simply to get your cosmetic surgery. It is a process that requires preparation and careful evaluation. South Florida Center for Cosmetic Surgery puts patient safety first by performing all cosmetic procedures in a fully accredited surgical facility of operating rooms with state-of-the-art equipment. All patients go through a review process to make sure they are qualified candidates for their desired procedure.

Choose a Plastic Surgeon with Patient Satisfaction.

The most satisfied patients are those who do their research beforehand and know what results to expect. Before choosing a breast surgeon, be sure to ask any potential surgeon all of your questions about the procedure and your desired results. A qualified surgeon will meet with you one-on-one before the procedure to go over your aesthetic goals and what can and cannot be achieved through breast augmentation surgery. During your consultation, ask to see before and after pictures of the breast surgeon’s past work, so you have an idea of what kind of results to expect.

Follow-Up Care Experience From the Plastic Surgeon You Choose.

A qualified breast augmentation surgeon should be personally involved with your recovery. The highly trained breast surgeons at South Florida Center for Cosmetic Surgery provide instructions to help you with recovery and will meet with you several times after the surgery to check up on your recovery process.

For over nine years, SOUTH FLORIDA CENTER FOR COSMETIC SURGERY has been the preferred choice for breast augmentation. Thousands of patients have trusted our surgeons to help them achieve perkier, fuller breasts and the Center is committed to delivering beautiful results every time. If you’re interested in learning more about our breast augmentation, other cosmetic surgery procedures, or skin care services  or if you would like to meet with a plastic surgeon one-on-one, please call (954) 565-7575.

Elderly Patients not a higher risk for Cosmetic Surgery

act-11dVanderbilt University Medical Center released a study showing that cosmetic surgery patients over 65 are at no additional risk because of their age. The team at South Florida Center for Cosmetic Surgery found this study particularly interesting, as we encourage adults of all ages to pursue the cosmetic enhancement they desire and deserve.

What the Study Found

The Vanderbilt doctors looked at five years’ worth of data from more than 129,000 patients. More than 6,700 of the patients were elderly, with an average age of 69. The younger patients had an average age of 39. The patients underwent procedures including facelift, liposuction and abdominoplasty.

The team concluded that the rate of complications was similar amongst patients younger and older than 65.

“With increasing numbers of elderly patients seeking aesthetic surgery, there is a need to better understand the complications of cosmetic procedures unique to this population. Our study demonstrates that patients over 65 can safely undergo cosmetic procedures with a complications rate similar to younger patients when surgery is performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon,” said Dr. Max Yezhelyev, the author of the study.

Dr. Yezhelyev and his team worked with the CosmetAssure insurance company, which provided information on complications based on claims filed around the country.

The complication rate for elderly patients was 1.94 percent; for the younger group, it was 1.84 percent. Patients over the age of 80 showed a complications rate of 2.2 percent.

The rate of complications associated with abdominoplasty showed a slightly bigger difference; elderly patients had a complication rate of 5.4 percent, compared with 3.9 percent for younger patients.

Why People Over 65 Seek Cosmetic Enhancement

According to data from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the number of people 55 and older seeking cosmetic procedures is rising. This is a generation that values looking and feeling their best, sources say. There is a big emphasis on staying fit, and cosmetic enhancement can help to complement an active lifestyle.

There are other reasons that people over 55 opt for cosmetic enhancement. Some are re-entering the dating scene after a divorce and need a boost of confidence. Others want to maintain a sense of youthfulness in a competitive job market, or celebrate retirement.

Contact Our Team

Whether you are 25, 45 or 75, if you desire cosmetic enhancement to look and feel your best, contact South Florida Center for Cosmetic Surgery. After learning more about your cosmetic goals and needs, our team can recommend a customized treatment plan. Call (954) 565-7575 today to book an appointment.

Best Celebrity Butts

shutterstock_189090659Last month, South Florida Center for Cosmetic Surgery selected celebrities with enviable arms. Today, we are blogging about our picks for “Best Celebrity Butts.” These are men and women with shapely yet sculpted backsides. Check out our list, and add your favorites to the comments below!


Perhaps the best way to describe Queen Bey is using a term that she coined in a Destiny’s Child song: Bootylicious! The songbird loves to flaunt her curves (especially her butt) in eye-catching, bedazzled bodysuits on stage. She maintains a strict vegan diet and exercises regularly to keep in shape.

Jessica Biel

Mrs. Justin Timberlake has a beautiful and athletic-looking physique. Her personal trainer Jason Walsh said she works hard in the gym doing hundreds of exercises, like walking lunges, squats and core work. Jessica also follows a strict diet to keep her body at its peak form.

Jennifer Lopez

Though she is an all-around beautiful woman, Jennifer receives the most attention for her strong, toned tush. She once admitted to a radio station that she didn’t understand the fascination with her butt, saying, “In Hollywood, it’s a little bit of a novelty. But for us, who grew up where we grew up, it wasn’t that big of a deal! From when I was very young, my family would be like, ‘Jennifer’s got a [big butt].’ I was endowed in that area.”


Rihanna has a beautifully sculpted backside, and she knows it. When she wore a see-through, beaded dress to the Council of Fashion Designers of America Awards in 2014, all eyes were on her incredibly tight, toned buttocks.

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett recently became a first-time mother, but she has always maintained a beautiful, buxom figure. The Black Widow actress is very modest, though, telling Esquire, ‘There are plenty of girls with nicer butts; there are plenty of girls who work harder for nicer butts.”

Joe Manganiello

The “True Blood” resident werewolf earned the jealous stares of male fans for his gluteus maximus. He generously shared his workout secrets in the book “Evolution,” saying, “The program in the book is the one I used to get in shape for my first season of ‘True Blood’ about four years ago. This is the actual werewolf workout.” We can say with confidence that the workout did wonders for his backside.

You Can Enjoy a Beautiful Backside, Too!

If you desire a rounder and more voluptuous-looking butt, but aren’t seeing results from diet and exercise, our plastic surgeons can help. We offer Brazilian Butt Lift, which involves taking surplus fat from another area of your body and injecting it into your buttocks to add shape.

To learn more about the Brazilian Butt Lift and how it can help you enjoy a sexier physique, please contact South Florida Center for Cosmetic Surgery. Call (954) 565-7575 today to book an appointment.

Does Body Contouring Decrease Long-Term BMI?

bigstockphoto_Waist_Measurement_28973Have you recently lost a significant amount of weight, and worry about maintaining your weight loss over time? A recent study found that body contouring may help post-bariatric patients control their long-term weight. The team at South Florida Center for Cosmetic Surgery, who often work with post-bariatric patients, discuss the study here.

A research team, led by Dr. Tali Freidman, found that post-bariatric patients that had body contouring plastic surgery were more likely to maintain a lower Body Mass Index than patients that did not have the plastic surgery. Dr. Freidman and her team presented their findings at Plastic Surgery The Meeting, the annual meeting of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Body Mass Index (BMI) is a measurement of body fat, calculated using height and weight. The higher the BMI, the more body mass a person carries. A BMI of 25 to 29.9 indicates an individual is overweight; a BMI of 30 or more indicates an individual is obese.

The study looked at individuals that had adjustable gastric banding, which is known as the safest, yet least effective of the weight loss procedures. Thirty to fifty percent of gastric banding patients regain part or all of their weight within two to four years of surgery.

According to the authors of the study, the key to keeping weight off after gastric banding could be body contouring surgery.

More about Body Contouring Plastic Surgery

After rapid, significant weight loss, many bariatric patients are left with loose, wrinkly skin that obscures their new shape. This skin is cosmetically unappealing; it can also become easily irritated or infected.

Body contouring is designed to remove loose skin and perfect the body’s shape. South Florida Center for Cosmetic Surgery offers procedures that treat excess skin on the arms, thighs, abdomen, breasts and entire trunk. Tighter skin helps to show off a leaner physique and completes the total body makeover.

Why might plastic surgery possibly affect an individual’s BMI? The authors of the study suggest that body contouring patients are able to see and feel the results of their weight loss more clearly. This provides much-needed motivation to eat healthy meals and work out regularly. Patients that do not have body contouring, and struggle with loose, wrinkly skin, may lack the confidence or motivation to follow healthy habits.

Learn More about Body Contouring Plastic Surgery

If you have lost a significant amount of weight from bariatric surgery or non-surgical methods, and are left with loose, wrinkly skin, South Florida Center for Cosmetic Surgery can help. Contact us today by calling (954) 565-7575.

Healthy Easter Treats

iStock_000008383368XSmallDuring last winter‚Äôs holiday season, South Florida Center for Cosmetic Surgery shared a list of HOLIDAY TREATS that are safe for patients watching their weight. This year, don’t opt out of Easter celebrations because you’re afraid to gain a few pounds! We’ve got some ideas on how you can celebrate without sacrificing your figure and stay toned in time for bikini season. Add these Easter desserts to your menu and enjoy a Healthy Easter!

Healthy Easter Treat: Lemon Squares

The trick to a healthy dessert is to steer clear of refined sugars and white flour. Thankfully, there is a variety of products you can substitute those ingredients with.

Create a crust using coconut flour, splenda , salt and coconut oil mixed together in a food processor. Press the crust into a greased 8X8 pan and cook for 10 minutes. While the crust is cooking, combine the ingredients for the filling: lemon juice, splenda, lite tofu, lemon zest and cornstarch. After letting the crust cool, pour the filling on top and cook for 26 minutes. Let it cool and refrigerate it for two hours to let the filling set. 

Ingredients: Coconut flower (1 cup), splenda (¼ cup), salt (½ tbs), coconut oil (¼ cup), lemon juice (¼ cup), lite tofu (1 cup), lemon zest (1 tbs), cornstarch (½  tbs).

Healthy Easter Treat: Vanilla-Lemon Berry Parfaits

Parfaits provide your body with many useful nutrients that help you stay healthy. Depending on the ingredients, you can enrich your diet with dietary fiber, potassium, magnesium, and more! Greek yogurt is high on vitamin C, as well as polyphenols which help prevent fat from forming. You will stay full longer and lose weight while still enjoying a delicious healthy dessert even kids will love.

Mix low-fat greek yogurt with fat-free vanilla pudding, lemon curd and vanilla extract. In a separate bowl, stir together honey, lemon zest, lemon juice and mixed berries or fresh fruit. Assemble the parfaits by alternating the yogurt mixture with the berry mixture. Garnish with fresh mint.

Ingredients for 1 serving: Fat-free vanilla pudding (3.5 oz), lemon curd (1tbs), vanilla extract (¬Ω tbs), honey (2 tbs), lemon zest (1 lemon), lemon juice (1 tbs), mixed berries or fresh fruit (3 cups), low-fat greek yogurt (1 cup), fresh mint (optional).

Healthy Easter Treat: Crispy Easter Nests

Crispy Easter Nests are not only delicious, they’re a great decoration for your Easter table. Anyone can enjoy these healthy snacks without having to worry about the extra pounds.

Mix a few drops of green food die in a bag of sweetened flake coconut, and set aside. Melt Marshmallow Fluff until soft and stir in Rice Krispies and dark chocolate chips. Put a few spoonfuls of the cereal mixture in a cupcake liner, and let cool. Then, fill the nest with some coconut and top with a few Jordan almonds.

Ingredients: 1 bag sweetened flake coconut (14 oz.) , food dye, 1 Marshmallow Fluff (7.5 oz. jar), Rice Krispies (3 cups), Dark Chocolate Chips (¬Ω cup), Jordan almonds (¬Ω cup).

Healthy Easter Treat: Chocolate-Covered Fruit

The chocolate-covered fruits are a great addition to the list of your healthy Easter recipes. As you may know, Dark Chocolate is better suited for those who try to maintain a healthy diet and keep their weight in check.

Microwave high-quality dark chocolate chips on 50-percent power (stirring every 30 seconds) until the mixture is smooth. Then, dip strawberries, grapes or banana slices into the melted chocolate mixture, or drizzle the mixture on top of the fruit. For an extra special finish, roll the fruit in chopped almonds, walnuts or pecans.

Ingredients: Dark Chocolate Chips (2 cups), fruits and berries (bananas, strawberries, grapes, pineapples, etc), chopped nuts (optional).

Not the baking kind? Annie’s cheddar bunnies are an excellent festive treat you can pick up at the grocery store. They also come in a whole-wheat variety.

Need Help Achieving Your Body Makeover Goals?

If you eat a nutritious diet and exercise regularly, yet have stubborn fat or loose skin obscuring your curves, South Florida Center for Cosmetic Surgery can help. Call (954) 565-7575 to book an appointment with one of our board-certified plastic surgeons.

Celebrity Arms

"CelebritiesIt’s hard to get through Hollywood’s award season without developing a case of celebrity arm envy. For weeks, slender, sexy celebrities hit the red carpet in strapless frocks designed to show off their beautifully sculpted arms. Mere mortals can’t help but pine after their chiseled shoulders, toned triceps and buff biceps.

In the spirit of the recent Academy Awards show and its honorees, South Florida Center for Cosmetic Surgery presents our picks for the best arms in Tinseltown. Check out our selections, and add your own to the comments below!

Cameron Diaz

Cameron regularly serves up arm inspiration in a mix of movie roles and red carpet appearances. Her personal trainer, Teddy Bass, has her alternate strength training moves like tricep dips and bicep curls with treadmill sprints. The results are jealousy inducing!

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer loves to wear tiny dresses on the red carpet to show off her long, lean limbs. According to her yoga teacher, Mandy Ingber, Jen works hard for her strong arms, and finds the Plank Pose and Plank push-ups particularly effective.

Hilary Swank

Even years after playing a boxer in “Million Dollar Baby,” Hilary maintains athletic and strong-looking arms. Two to three times a week, her trainers, Rich and Helene Guzman, take her through a special strength routine with an exercise band that includes bicep curls and tricep extensions.

Amy Adams

A regular fixture on the red carpet, Amy favors strapless dresses that show off her flab-free arms. Her workout routine remains a secret, but fitness gurus speculate that Amy might sculpt her arms with regular kickboxing classes.

Lupita Nyong’o

Lupita certainly needed strong arms to carry around all the awards she won last year for her role in “12 Years a Slave.” The red carpet darling likely chiseled her upper body muscles with moves like mountain climbers, curl presses and lateral raises.


We would be remiss if we didn’t include the original Material Girl, Madonna, on our list. She clearly favors a defined, muscular look, which trainer Nicole Winhoffer says she achieves by switching up her fitness routine weekly. Madonna recently opened up a number of Hard Candy Fitness gyms around the world to help fans and fitness enthusiasts achieve similar body sculpting results.

Do Your Arms Need Some Help?

If your upper arms are flabbier or saggier than you would like, and regular exercise isn’t helping, consider arm lift with the South Florida Center for Cosmetic Surgery team. Arm lift can give you the tight, toned-looking arms that you envy on all of your favorite celebrities.

3 Weird Cosmetic Surgery Trends

Although most individuals seeking cosmetic surgery do so to improve one or two aesthetic concerns that have been bothering them for a long time, there are some individuals out there who take cosmetic surgery to extreme lengths. The following are three weird cosmetic surgery trends that will blow your mind.

Cosmetic Surgery to Look Like a Celebrity

Some individuals take celebrity fandom to a whole new level. Take Texan resident Kitty Jay, for instance. She spent $25,000 on multiple plastic surgery procedures so she could look like Academy Award-winner Jennifer Lawrence. There’s also Toby Sheldon, a 33-year-old songwriter who dropped over $100,000 for cosmetic surgery so he could look like singer Justin Bieber. These individuals really took their love of these superstars to new heights!

Cosmetic Surgery to Look Like a Doll

If undergoing plastic surgery to look like a celebrity does not seem all that weird to you, think about this: Some people undergo several cosmetic surgery procedures in order to look like dolls! Ukrainian resident Valeria Lukyanova has become an international sensation due to her desire to look like a Barbie doll. In fact, she has become known around the world as “Human Barbie.”

Although the only procedure Lukyanova has admitted to having is breast enhancement surgery, her eyes are excessively wide; her nose has a thinner profile than it did in early photos taken of her; and her waist is painfully thin. All these traits lead onlookers to believe she has undergone multiple cosmetic surgery procedures.

The result is that she looks like she is made of plastic. The author of a recent interview with Lukyanova reported in GQ magazine that “meeting Valeria Lukyanova is the closest you will come to an alien encounter.” Unfortunately, that doesn’t sound like a compliment.

Cosmetic Surgery to Fit Into Designer Shoes

One of the latest bizarre trends in cosmetic surgery is so-called “Cinderella surgery.” Some women are having plastic surgery on their feet, simply so they can fit into designer shoes more easily. Some female patients are requesting liposuction of the toes while others request toe shortening, toe augmentation (for lengthier toes) or even fat transfer to the balls of the feet for added cushion when wearing high-heeled shoes.

Safety First

At South Florida Center for Cosmetic Surgery, we feel that each person is unique and beautiful, and that cosmetic surgery should be customized to the patient’s distinct look — not to the look of a movie star or doll.

Our team is here to help individuals achieve their surgical objectives, assuming that their aesthetic goals are safe for them, both physically and emotionally. We are committed to working with our patients to establish reasonable expectations for the outcome of cosmetic surgery. Our goal is to help patients look like an improved version of themselves.

To schedule a consultation with one of our knowledgeable plastic surgeons to learn more about your cosmetic surgery options, contact the South Florida Center for Cosmetic Surgery by calling (954) 565-7575.