Surgery Process

Once you’ve decided which procedure you’d like to have, the next step is scheduling an appointment to complete treatment. We make planning your surgery quick and simple. You can coordinate with our staff to choose a day that fits your schedule. Then, the day before your procedure, a member of our surgery staff will contact you to provide you with your surgery time.

Please make arrangements to accommodate a surgery appointment in the morning or afternoon. Although we will work with you to choose a convenient time, our staff is unable to fulfill requests for AM/PM or specific surgery times.

Preparing for surgery is just as important as the surgery itself. As a patient, there are steps you can take to make sure your surgery is safe and goes according to plan. We’ve made things easier by creating a basic guide to help guide you through the pre-treatment process and make sure you’re prepared for surgery.

Getting Started

You should start preparing for surgery as soon as possible to reduce recovery time and ensure your treatment is safe. There are several ways to prepare for a successful surgery:

Stop Smoking / Using Nicotine:

Smoking reduces circulation to the skin and can impede healing. You should avoid smoking, secondhand smoke, and cigarette replacements, such as nicotine patches or gum, for as long as possible leading up to your surgery.

Take Vitamin C:

Vitamins can also help to reduce recovery time after surgery. We recommend taking 500mg of Vitamin C twice daily to promote healing.

Limit Vitamin E:

Excess Vitamin E can cause issues during surgery. Limit your intake of Vitamin E to less than 400mg per day.

Take Multivitamins:

It’s important to keep your body as healthy as possible once you’ve scheduled your surgery. An easy way to improve your general health is by taking multivitamins. We recommend taking a multivitamin twice daily until your surgery day.

Do Not Take Aspirin or Ibuprofen:

Medications containing aspirin or ibuprofen can cause bleeding problems during and after surgery. Be sure to review the list of drugs containing aspirin and ibuprofen carefully, and use medications containing acetaminophen (such as Tylenol) instead.

Fill Your Prescriptions:

Your surgeon will give you prescriptions for your post-surgery medications. Please have them filled BEFORE the day of surgery and bring them with you.

The Day Before Surgery

Confirm Surgery Time: A member of our staff will contact you to confirm the day and time of your surgery. If you are not going to be home or will be unable to answer the phone, please call
us to confirm at (954) 565-7575.

Prescriptions: Your surgeon will give you prescriptions for medication after surgery. Make sure they are filled and ready to be taken with you in the morning.

Cleansing: The night before your surgery, shower and wash the surgical areas with Dial soap.

Eating and Drinking: Do not eat or drink anything after 12:00 midnight. This includes water.

The Morning of Surgery

Special Information: Do not eat or drink anything the morning of your surgery. If you currently take daily medication, you may take it with a sip of water in the early morning.

Oral Hygiene: You may brush your teeth the morning of your surgery, but do not swallow the water.

Cleansing: The morning of your surgery, shower and rewash the surgical areas with Dial soap.

Makeup: Please do not wear moisturizers, creams, lotions, or makeup. Your skin should be completely bare the morning of your surgery.

Clothing: Wear comfortable, loose clothing that does not go over your head. Remove all wigs, hairpins, jewelry, and accessories.

Check-in / Preparation: Arrive at our South Florida Center at the date and time provided to you by our surgery staff. Please be sure to bring your medications with you and arrive 45 minutes earlier than your scheduled surgery time. A parent or legal guardian must accompany patients less than 18 years old.