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Breast Lift

Are you looking to get a breast lift in Fort Lauderdale, Florida?

As women age, many are plagued with sagging, shapeless breasts, leaving them feeling unattractive, self-conscious, and frustrated. Loose, wrinkled skin is a natural effect of aging due to numerous factors that are out of your control. Your breasts are one of the most feminine parts of the body and are an integral part of what makes you feel attractive. A breast lift can restore the volume and contour of sagging breasts, giving you a more feminine, youthful appearance.

You can relax knowing that at The South Florida Center for Cosmetic Surgery, you are in the care of an extremely talented and capable team of board certified plastic surgeons with more than 15 years of experience doing breast lift procedures. Our Board Certified Doctors will remove excess skin, then reshape and reposition your breasts and nipples to achieve fuller, firmer breasts that sit higher on your chest.

The Breast Lift procedure starts with removing excess skin. Breast tissue will then be reshaped to create round, fuller breasts that sit higher on the chest.

Starting at $2,999

  • Your breasts and nipples sit higher on the chest.
  • Correct downward-pointing nipples.
  • Help significantly decrease the size of large areolas.
  • Firmer, fuller, and more contoured breasts.

The cost of Breast Lift surgery depends on several factors, including the complexity of the breast lift procedure. We offer Breast Lift surgery starting at $2,999, not including anesthesia or surgeon fees.

The South Florida Center for Cosmetic Surgery in Fort Lauderdale is committed to helping our breast lift patients find the most convenient payment method for their procedure. We work with three third-party financing companies to offer flexible payment plans with instant approval based upon your credit score. And, through our network of experienced physicians and vendors, and our agreements with competitive lenders, we’re confident that we can find a payment option that suits your lifestyle.


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Before & After Breast Lift

Actual Patients Shown Before And After Surgery. Your Results May Vary.

Procedure done by Dr. Pinnella
Procedure done by Dr. Pinnella
Procedure done by Dr. Pinnella
Procedure done by Dr. Pinnella
Procedure done by Dr. Pinnella

    The Breast Lift Process


    During your initial visit for your breast lift, expect to provide your complete medical history, including all your medications, allergies, and previous surgeries. You’ll also undergo an extensive physical exam and blood tests before your breast lift surgeon takes photographs to aid in planning and performing your Breast Lift. Finally, you’ll receive important instructions to prepare for treatment, as well as a realistic explanation of the results you can expect to achieve.


    Removal of excess skin is the first step of Breast Lift surgery. Then, existing breast tissue will be reshaped and contoured to create a round, natural shape. Next, your breasts will be repositioned to sit higher on your chest in proportion with your body, creating a firmer, fuller bust.


    After breast lift surgery, you will experience some discomfort once your anesthesia wears off. Our goal is to keep you as comfortable as possible. So, your breast lift plastic surgeon will provide you with medication to mitigate any pain and soreness. Avoid bending, lifting, or straining the first week following your procedure and expect to wear a surgical bra for the first four weeks.

    Post Surgery

    Breast lift patients whose jobs do not involve lifting, bending, or straining should be able to return to work and resume normal activities within a week.

    Breast lift incisions are typically made around the areola (nipple) and the surgeon removes excess skin before reshaping and repositioning the breasts.

    Your initial visit with your cosmetic surgeon will help you prepare for your breast lift procedure and get an idea of what to expect during recovery. Your surgeon will also perform a complete physical examination, take blood tests, and take photos of your treatment area during the consultation. Feel free to talk to your doctor about the exact look you are hoping to achieve and any questions you have about your procedure.

    You can expect to be at our center for about 4 hours. However, actual operating time for the Breast Lift surgery is approximately two hours.

    Our professional M.D. Anesthesiologist always administers general anesthesia for all surgical procedures.

    Yes. Patients are typically able to return home the same day. You will need a trusted person to drive you home and monitor you for the first 24 hours.

    You should be able to return to work and resume normal activities within a week. You should refrain from bending, lifting or straining until you consult your doctor.

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