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Breast Lift Miami

Interested in higher, more supple breasts here in Miami?

Breasts are one of the most feminine, focal points of a woman’s beautiful physique. Over time or after having children or nursing the breasts can begin to look saggy, with excess skin weighing them down. The great news is we can defy these laws of gravity with a Breast Lift procedure–restoring the volume and lifting them to a more youthful contour. 

Here at the South Florida Center for Cosmetic Surgery in Miami we have been perfecting the Breast Lift surgery for more than 15 years, creating the most beautiful breasts for women like you, interested in restoring their curves–without added implants. This is the most natural-looking way to enhance the shape, look, and even feel of your breasts. Your top-tier surgeon removes excess skin, then reshapes and repositions the breast tissue and nipples, creating fuller, rounded breasts that sit higher on the chest. If you are interested in a Breast Lift here in Miami, save time and request a virtual consultation with us right now!


Starting at $2,999

  • Create fuller, more lifted breasts
  • Reshape the breasts without implants
  • Enhance the nipple shape or reduce large areolas
  • Achieve more youthful, contoured shape higher on the chest

Your Breast Lift procedure here at the South Florida Center for Cosmetic Surgery in Miami is a highly efficient surgery, of which the cost varies depending on multiple factors, including the complexity of the reshaping procedure discussed by you and your board certified surgeon. A Breast Lift procedure starts at $2,999 at our Miami location. Through your consultation process our highly trained staff and your plastic surgeon will discuss your options with you as well as what the final cost will be. Estimated costs do not include anesthesia or surgeon fees.

Here at the South Florida Center for Cosmetic Surgery in Miami we are results-focused for our patients and care about their experience. In doing so, we commit to helping our patients find the most convenient payment method for their procedure. We have options like our third-party financing companies that offer flexible payment plans with instant approval based upon your credit score as well as an esteemed network of experienced physicians and vendors. We are confident we can find a plan that suits your lifestyle, so schedule your free initial consultation today.


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Before & After Breast Lift Miami

Actual Patients Shown Before And After Surgery. Your Results May Vary.

Procedure done by Dr. Pinnella
Procedure done by Dr. Pinnella
Procedure done by Dr. Pinnella
Procedure done by Dr. Pinnella
Procedure done by Dr. Pinnella

    The Breast Lift Miami Process


    Our virtual consultation process can save you a trip into our office in Miami by allowing you to complete the process virtually. Afterwards at your initial surgical consultation expect to provide your complete medical history, a list of all current medications, allergies, as well as if you have had previous surgeries. Photos and video will be reviewed by our plastic surgeons to determine the best surgical plan for you. Once you place your surgery deposit and have a date to have surgery with our center in Miami, you will undergo an extensive physical exam, blood testing, as well as an informed consent process. Our experienced and highly trained staff will also take “before” photographs to aid in planning and structure of your Breast Lift here in Miami. We will then give you detailed instructions to prepare for your procedure, including precautions regarding certain medications, alcohol consumption, and detailed hygienic protocols.


    All procedures here at our new, state of the art facility at the South Florida Center for Cosmetic Surgery in Miami are performed under general anesthesia administered by a board-certified anesthesiologist. The first step of the Breast Lift procedure is to remove excess skin. Afterwards your highly-skilled surgeon reshapes the existing breast tissue into a more contoured shape, and positioned higher on your chest, and the nipples are also positioned (or corrected based on your personalized surgery plan). Then sutures will be strategically placed for minimal scarring, and surgical dressings, bandages, and compression will be applied.


      After breast lift surgery, expect to experience some discomfort as your anesthesia wears off. Here at our Miami clinic our goal is to keep you as comfortable as possible, so your plastic surgeon will provide you with a plan to mitigate any pain or soreness, including medication. Avoid unnecessary bending, lifting, or straining within the first week after your procedure. You will also wear a specified surgical bra for the first four weeks. Please consult your surgeon, our patient advocates, and staff about any questions.

    Post Surgery

    After the first week of recovery time, try to avoid strenuous activities for the amount of time your surgeon and our staff advise for you based on your specific surgery plans. Most people can resume normal activities (that don’t include excessive lifting or bending) within the first two weeks. The schedule for follow-up office visits are 1-day, 1 week and 1 month after the procedure then as advised by your surgeon.

    The Breast Lift procedure surgically removes excess skin and reshapes the breast tissue, raising the breasts higher on the chest and creating a more youthful contour.

    Most women are a good candidate for a Breast Lift procedure here at our Miami clinic. Please contact us today for a free consultation to discuss the possibilities.

    Initial recovery is one week and usually patients are fully recovered within 6 weeks of surgery. 

    No, a Breast Lift procedure lifts the breasts without the insertion of silicone or saline implants. If you would like to reshape your breasts using implants please refer to our Breast Augmentation page, and contact our Miami clinic for your free consultation today.

    As always at the South Florida Center for Cosmetic Surgery in Miami, general anesthesia is administered by a top professional M.D. Anesthesiologist.

    Yes, post-surgery here at our Miami Center you may go home the same day; however an adult must be available to take you home due to your recovery from general anesthesia.

    Our center is located off exit 12 on I-95 at 152 NE 167th St, Unit 102, Miami, FL 33162.

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