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MTF Top Surgery -Transgender Breast Augmentation

Are you looking to get MTF Top Surgery or Transgender Breast Augmentation in Fort Lauderdale?

There are many steps in transitioning, one that tends to feel the most important in achieving the sense of beauty of the feminine physique is breast augmentation to create the full size and shape of the breasts. The Transgender Breast Augmentation procedure helps to make women feel more confident in their own appearance while also helping them align to what society associates with a feminine silhouette.

Transgender Breast Augmentation, also known as MTF (Male to Female) Top Surgery, is performed to enhance the natural breast to create a more full breast, creating the feminine look and feel. During the procedure our surgeons place implants either over (sub-glandular) or under (sub-muscular) the muscles of the chest wall. During your consultation with our esteemed surgeons, a decision will be made about which placement is ideal for you: placing the implant under the muscle may help to create a more natural look; however recovery and discomfort might be increased due to manipulating the chest muscle. The type of implant will also be a conversation with you and your surgeon to decide which choice is best for you: there are silicone implants and saline implants. Silicone implants are formed with a silicone gel and filled with a cohesive silicone gel, and may more closely resemble a natural feminine breast tissue. Saline implants are composed of an outer silicone shell that is filled with saline, which is a sanitized solution of saltwater, which is filled after the insertion of the implant, usually offering a smaller incision. As always, our team of highly trained doctors and patient advocates will make sure the procedure you choose is the one that makes you feel and look you very best.

We know how important it is to feel safe and comfortable during your transition. That is what makes the South Florida Center for Cosmetic Surgery a popular destination for many patients who are transitioning.. Our premier cosmetic surgery center has served our community and beyond for more than 15 years, improving people’s lives with our top-tier service and results. We also know that trust is important in any cosmetic surgery, and we hope that the outstanding reviews from more than 10,000 patients will help you in your decision to allow us to help make you look and feel your best.

Starting at $1,999

  • Enhances the breast to create a more feminine silhouette
  • Choose between silicone and saline breast implants
  • All implants come with a ConfidencePlus® warranty
  • Choose breast implant size and incision points

Transgender Breast Augmentation surgery is an outpatient procedure that begins at $1999 for saline implants and $2999 for silicone implants. Fees associated with anesthesia and surgeon fees are additional. With all implant procedures the total cost of surgery will include the type of breast implant as well as other factors like previous surgeries, overall health and BMI. 

Here at the South Florida Center for Cosmetic Surgery we are committed to making you feel comfortable during this important time in your life and realize that this can be a physical, but also very emotional surgery. We also understand the cost of transitioning and we are committed to helping our patients secure the most stress-free, convenient payment method. Working with third-party financers, flexible payment plans are available based on credit approval. We also have a network of highly experienced vendors and physicians and long-seeded relationships with competitive lenders, so we will work with you to make a financial decision that is the most comfortable to you.

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Before & After MTF Top Surgery -Transgender Breast Augmentation

Actual Patients Shown Before And After Surgery. Your Results May Vary.

Procedure done by Dr. Pinnella
Procedure done by Dr. Alexander
Procedure done by Dr. Alexander
Procedure done by Dr. Alexander

    The MTF Top Surgery -Transgender Breast Augmentation Process


    At your initial appointment, we will ensure your candidacy for Transgender Breast Augmentation, as well as take the time to help you make the best decision for you and your body type in terms of silicone or saline implants, as well as the placement, size of the implant, and incision points. There are many factors to consider, and our highly-experienced surgeons and patient advocates will make sure that we help you make the best choice that leaves you feeling your best, most confident self.

    Please be prepared to provide your complete medical history, list of all medications, details of previous surgeries, and a list of allergies. Upon reviewing your medical history, expectations, and choosing your implant type, size and incision, we, complete a physical exam, bloodwork, and paperwork during the pre-operative process. Our staff will also take photographs for documentation during your pre-operative process. Prior to your surgery important instructions will be given on what to eat/drink and what to avoid including certain medications and alcohol. We will also go over protocols related to hygiene leading to surgery.


    The day of surgery you will meet your anesthesiologist and have your final preoperative consult with your surgeon. During this time, they will answer any last minute questions and may mark your body with a surgical marker. Transgender Breast Augmentation is typically completed within 1-2 hours. Depending on the type and placement of your implants, the surgeon will make an incision at the point you discussed, place the implant (also in the area chosen during consultation), and close the incision with internal stitching. Tape may be applied for additional support as well as gauze bandaging and/or a surgical bra.


    Results are immediate following the surgery. Through advancements in surgery technology, and at the hands of our skilled surgeons, recovery is shorter and more comfortable than ever. Soreness, discomfort as well as some swelling and bruising are expected for the first week, with much dissipating after the first 5 days. The South Florida Center for Cosmetic Surgery surgeons and staff will help you with a plan to resume light to gradual exercise and other activities based-off your specific breast augmentation surgery.

    Post Surgery

    Post-procedure follow-ups are: one day, one week, and one month after the procedure. After that visit, further appointments will be advised by the doctor.

    Most everyone transitioning are eligible for Transgender Breast Augmentation, and during your initial consultation your surgeon and patient advocates will help choose the right decision for your specific case. 

    The South Florida Center for Cosmetic Surgery offers both saline and silicone breast implants.

    You and your surgeon will discuss the different placements of the incisions of the surgery that are available. As always minimal scarring is the goal, and our skilled surgeons use the smallest incisions possible.

    Yes, breast augmentation is an out-patient procedure. We do require another adult to drive you home post-surgery after your initial recovery period.

    As always, here at the South Florida Center for Cosmetic Surgery, general anesthesia is always administered by a professional M.D. Anesthesiologist during our procedures.

    Most breast augmentation surgeries last between 1-2 hours, but vary from case to case.

    Patient pictures are showing Before and After results are actual patients – Individual results vary. Client Testimonials are based on personal experience and are the opinion of individual clients. Any claims made on this website are intended to provide information about procedures provided here. Realistic Individual results will be discussed with you based on your information with an initial consult with a doctor or health care professional provided for your free consultation. The information provided is NOT intended as medical advice and is for your general knowledge only.