Liposculpture Body Contouring

Getting the trim lines and contours of your dreams isn’t always as easy as some make it seem. Factors like age, body type, and genetic makeup can seriously alter your chances of ever seeing an abdominal muscle. Luckily, Liposculpture Body Contouring is a refined way of targeting existing fat and adding those sought-after lines and definition.

Think of Liposculpture as a more specific, more defined version of traditional liposuction. Just like traditional liposuction, the removal of existing fat cells is permanent; however Body Contouring targets more specific areas in a way to carve out abdominal definition while creating more highly specific and sought-after lines.

This procedure is less invasive than many other cosmetic surgery procedures with small incisions, and typically takes two to four hours under general anesthesia with patients seeing drastic results within weeks after the procedure.

Here at the South Florida Center for Cosmetic Surgery we have been delivering the highest-quality cosmetic surgery procedures for more than 15 years. We know that trust in who performs your procedures is paramount, and the expertise of our highly trained doctors and top-tier service by our patient advocates is reflected in the glowing reviews of over 10,000 patients. We are committed to making you look and feel your best.

Starting at $2,499

  • Creates a drastically-more chiseled abdomen or abdominal definition.
  • Result that are long-lasting with a normal healthy lifestyle
  • Can specifically sculpt a more defined waist
  • Competitive pricing and financing options available

As with every surgery, the cost of Liposculpture Body Contouring varies depending on the patient and the amount of fat eliminated. At The South Florida Center for Cosmetic Surgery, Liposculpture is offered starting at $2,499, not including anesthesia or surgeon fees.

Here at the South Florida Center for Cosmetic Surgery we are committed to helping our patients find the most convenient payment method for their procedure. In doing so, we work with three third-party financing companies to offer flexible payment plans with instant approval based upon your credit score. Through our long-standing network of experienced physicians and vendors, and our agreements with competitive lenders, we are confident we will be able to find a payment option that will be well-suited for you.

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Before & After Liposculpture Body Contouring

Actual Patients Shown Before And After Surgery. Your Results May Vary.

    The Liposculpture Body Contouring Process


    At your initial consultation visit please expect to provide your complete medical history, including a list of all current medications, allergies, and if you have had any previous surgeries. Upon deciding your candidacy based on the targeted areas, you will also undergo an extensive physical exam and blood tests before your surgeon takes photographs to aid in planning and performing your Body Contouring procedure. After your approval of candidacy you will be given important instructions to prepare for the Liposculpture procedure, including cautions about taking certain medications, drinking alcohol, as well as specific hygienic protocols like using antibacterial soap.


    To begin with all designated areas will be numbed with local anesthetic. Your surgeon will then make minimal small incisions to insert the closed system cannulas, which are small tubes. A fluid injection technique is injected into the very specific area, removing the fat deposits, as the surgeon creates a more sculpted abdomen with abdominal contours by leaving existing fat cells in specifically targeted areas for the appearance of further definition. Following this process, your surgeon will suture the skin at the incision points back together and apply a bandage or surgical garment for sterilization and to contain swelling. The procedure usually takes 2-4 hours.


    Because Liposculpture uses a specific approach to designated areas during the procedure, versus traditional liposuction, it is a comparably less invasive procedure. Most patients need a week of recovery time. And generally, swelling and some bruising is likely for the first 4-6 weeks when the swelling goes down and results are truly visible. Results may continue to develop during the first year.

    Post Procedure

    After the first week of recovery time, try to avoid strenuous abdominal activity for six weeks. The schedule for follow-up office visits are 1-day, 1 week and 1 month after the procedure then as advised by your surgeon.

    Traditional liposuction removes areas of excess fat to contour the body and create a more svelte figure or to equal out body-proportion. While Liposculpture also reshapes the body through the removal of fat, the difference is during this body sculpting procedure, key-targeted areas of fat are left to create the appearance of what muscle definition in the area would look like. The same effectiveness takes place when contouring the shape of the waist or overall body outline.

    This procedure is for targeted areas of fat elimination, so ideal candidates have a BMI under 30 and have good skin elasticity. For larger areas of fat removal, please consult us about our other liposuction procedures.

    Yes, like all liposuction, our Liposculpture procedure permanently removes fat cells. However, it does not actively prohibit the growth of new fat cells in the body that have the ability to grow if weight is gained, and with leaving targeted fat cells intact, the addition of a large amount of fat over time could create visible differences on the abdomen.

    Local or general anesthesia may be provided during the procedure. Which anesthesia is the best option will be determined between the patient, anesthesiologist, and surgeon. As always at the South Florida Center for Cosmetic Surgery, general anesthesia is administered by a professional M.D. Anesthesiologist.

    The incisions made for the procedure usually produce some visible scarring. However our surgeons keep the incisions as small as possible and strategically place them under underwear lines or bra lines. Most of the scarring fades over time. If you have scarring concerns, please speak to your surgeon or patient advocate for tips on reducing scarring.

    Yes, however a week of recovery and minimal body movement is advised while the affected areas heal.

    During the initial week of recovery mild pain and discomfort might be felt, but it reduces daily.

    Patient pictures are showing Before and After results are actual patients – Individual results vary. Client Testimonials are based on personal experience and are the opinion of individual clients. Any claims made on this website are intended to provide information about procedures provided here. Realistic Individual results will be discussed with you based on your information with an initial consult with a doctor or health care professional provided for your free consultation. The information provided is NOT intended as medical advice and is for your general knowledge only.