Liposuction 360 Miami

Ever wanted the flat stomach of your dreams for those Miami beach days, for those clothes to fit just right, or to finally just fix the area that diet or exercise never could? Liposuction has been effective at removing those stubborn fat deposits that make up unwanted areas, but until now your surgeon could only work on one area at a time. Now Liposuction 360  allows multiple areas you want to have removed done at the same time, consolidating procedures to one and effectively giving you quicker results.

A traditional liposuction procedure targets one of either: the stomach, the back, or targeted areas like the waist or thighs. The Liposuction360 procedure here at the South Florida Center for Cosmetic Surgery in Miami allows for multiple of these areas to undergo liposuction all during the same procedure, which limits the recovery time of multiple procedures, the amount of times you go under general anesthetic, as well as ultimately delivering the body you’ve dreamed of more quickly. Contact us to receive a free virtual Liposuction 360 Miami consultation.

Here at the South Florida Center for Cosmetic Surgery in Miami our surgeons have been delivering the highest-quality cosmetic surgery procedures to Southern Florida for more than 15 years. We know that trust in who performs your procedures is incredibly important, and the expertise of our highly trained plastic surgeons and top-tier service by our patient advocates is reflected in the glowing reviews of over 10,000 patients. The Liposuction 360 Procedure at our Miami clinic will leave you looking and feeling your best.

Starting at $1,999

  • Achieves multiple procedure results at once
  • Can create a flatter stomach
  • Reduces love handles
  • Sculpts areas of the body stubborn fat
  • Saves recovery time and amount of procedures

Due to the highly-specific nature of the Liposuction 360 procedure the cost will vary depending on what areas are being surgically removed as well as the amount in those areas. Liposuction 360 at our Miami Center is offered starting at $1,999, not including anesthesia or surgeon fees.

The South Florida Center for Cosmetic Surgery in Miami is a center focused on our clients results and experience, we are committed to helping our patients find the most convenient payment method for their procedure. We have options like our third-party financing companies that offer flexible payment plans with instant approval based upon your credit score. That coupled with our network of experienced physicians and vendors we are confident we can find a plan that suits your financial situation.

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The Liposuction 360 Miami Process


At your initial consultation expect to provide your complete medical history, a list of all current medications, any allergies, and any previous surgeries. You will also undergo an extensive physical exam and blood tests before our highly trained staff take photographs to aid in planning and performing your Liposuction 360 Miami procedure. Following your surgery date being set and deposit, as well as an informed consent process, you will be given instructions to prepare for your procedure, including precautions about taking certain medications, alcohol consumption, as well as detailed hygienic protocols.


Your procedure takes place here at our new, state-of-the-art facility in Miami, Fl. After general anesthesia is administered your surgeon will make minimal small incisions to insert the closed system cannulas, which are small tubes. Then a fluid injection technique is injected into the very specific area(s), removing the fat deposits, as the surgeon creates the designated sculptured areas discussed in your consultation. Following this process, your surgeon will suture the skin at the incision points back together and apply a bandage or surgical garment for sterilization and to contain swelling. The procedure varies from patient to patient and usually takes 2-4 hours.


All recovery varies based on the specific surgical plan laid out by our top-tier surgeons and our patient advocates. Most patients need at least 1-2 weeks of recovery time. Swelling and some bruising is likely for the first 4-6 weeks when the swelling goes down and results are truly visible. Results may continue to develop during the first year.

Post Procedure

After the first week of full recovery time, try to avoid strenuous abdominal activity for six weeks. The schedule for follow-up office visits are 1-day, 1 week and 1 month after the procedure then as advised by your surgeon.

Liposuction 360 Miami Testimonials

Kelly R.

“I had liposuction of my abdomen, flanks, and chin and I couldn’t be happier!! I was left with very minimal bruising. I usually bruise very easily, so when days went by and I saw that I had only a small amount of bruising I was so happy and relieved. I am so happy and would recommend him to anyone who asks.”

– Kelly R.

Please contact us for a free consultation to have Liposuction 360 Miami. Generally, think of the 360 as the complete area around the midsection of the body: abdomen, love-handles, lower back, hips, butt as the areas that can all be completed in this one procedure.

Like in traditional liposuction procedures the fat removed during the surgery will permanently be gone; however it does not eliminate the additional addition of new fat cells that can occur with lifestyle.

General anesthesia is administered by a professional M.D. Anesthesiologist is always administered with any clinical procedure at the South Florida Center for Cosmetic Surgery Miami.

Yes. Please call us for a free consultation, because every procedure is different, but other enhancements like a Brazilian Butt Lift can be added.

Yes, but an able-bodied adult must be available to take you home from our Miami Center post-procedure as you will have received general anesthesia during your surgery.

Our center is located off exit 12 on I-95 at 152 NE 167th St, Unit 102, Miami, FL 33162.

Patient pictures are showing Before and After results are actual patients – Individual results vary. Client Testimonials are based on personal experience and are the opinion of individual clients. Any claims made on this website are intended to provide information about procedures provided here. Realistic Individual results will be discussed with you based on your information with an initial consult with a doctor or health care professional provided for your free consultation. The information provided is NOT intended as medical advice and is for your general knowledge only.