Mommy Makeover Surgery Miami

Looking for a Mommy Makeover in Miami? Becoming a mother is one of the greatest experiences in life, as is breastfeeding. Along with these amazing accomplishments from your body comes some lasting change, and returning to the body you had pre-baby can be challenging if not possible after the impact of these experiences. If you are looking for that added help to make you feel as good as you want and deserve: the mommy makeover is the choice for you. 

The magic of the Mommy Makeover here at the South Florida Center for Cosmetic Surgery in Miami is that you can accomplish all of the changes you want to see post-baby–-all at once with multiple procedures undergoing only one round of anesthesia. This saves your recovery time (as opposed to multiple procedures at different times) as well as the cost of your overall procedures. Request a free Mommy Makeover consultation to determine what procedures would be best for your needs whether it be a breast lift, liposuction and body contouring, and even butt reshaping. Or save time and travel by requesting a virtual consultation. We can get you to the best self you can and deserve to be.

Starting at $1,799/Procedure

  • Achieve multiple procedures at once
  • Create fuller, more lifted breasts
  • Gain the silhouette you want and lost the extra skin or fat you don’t
  • Only receive general anesthesia once, and cut multiple recovery times into one

Every Mommy Makeover here in Miami is as different as each mother that is interested in one, so request a consultation today to talk about what procedures would be best for you. Because all these procedure bundles are different, the cost will also vary and will be decided during your consultation process. Our surgeons have been making people’s dream bodies come true for more than 15 years, and are committed to ensuring everyone feels financially comfortable achieving what they want. We work with third-party financing companies that offer flexible payment planning, or can initiate a conversation with our competitive lending partners. From your initial free consultation through to the financial investment to the results you’ve always wanted, we are here to make your Mommy Makeover process here in Miami the best possible.

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Before & After Mommy Makeover Surgery Miami

Actual Patients Shown Before And After Surgery. Your Results May Vary.

Procedure done by Dr. Pinnella
Procedure done by Dr. Alexander
Procedure done by Dr. Pinnella
Procedure done by Dr. Pinnella
Procedure done by Dr. Pinnella
Procedure done by Dr. Elnekaveh

    The Mommy Makeover Surgery Miami Process


    After booking your initial consultation please be prepared to provide your complete medical history including a list of all current medications, allergies, and if you have had any previous surgeries. During this consultation you and your top-tier surgeon will discuss your wishes and manage expectations while choosing what procedures will be performed. Afterwards you will undergo a physical exam and blood tests before our highly trained staff take photographs to aid in planning of your specifically-designed Mommy Makeover procedure(s). Prior to your surgery you will be given a list of cautions about taking certain medications, drinking alcohol, as well as specific hygienic protocols pre-procedure.


    All procedures here at our new, state of the art facility at the South Florida Center for Cosmetic Surgery in Miami are performed under general anesthesia administered by a board-certified anesthesiologist. The length and specificalities of your surgery will vary based on your specific plan created with your surgeon, please do not hesitate to ask us any further information about your specific procedure processes.


    Every Mommy Makeover varies based on the procedures chosen by you and your surgeon, so results and recovery will vary. Please consult your surgeon, our patient advocates, and staff about any questions or concerns.

    Post Surgery

    After the first week of recovery time, try to avoid strenuous activities for the amount of time your surgeon and our staff advise for you based on your specific surgery plans. The schedule for follow-up office visits are 1-day, 1 week and 1 month after the procedure then as advised by your surgeon.

    Mommy Makeover Surgery Miami Testimonials


    “The doctors did an immaculate job on me. I had two separate procedures done on me–Tummy Tuck with a Breast Lift and Liposuction with the South Florida Center. These men molded me like Clay. I’ve gotten so many compliments on how I look. I’m one curvesous woman now. All I can say is do yourselves a favor and book yourself a makeover.”

    – Nopilos

    A Mommy Makeover is a term for undergoing multiple procedures that address concerns with the figure postpartum and/or post-breast-feeding all in concurrence one time under general anesthesia. This makes for a drastically wonderful result as well as cutting back on the recovery time of multiple surgeries, multiple times going under general anesthesia, as well as saving cost.

    If you have recently given birth, breastfed, or ever done either of the two, and you wish to see results you can’t achieve alone, then yes please contact us for a free consultation to discuss the options for you here at our renowned South Florida Center for Cosmetic Surgery in Miami.

    Every Mommy Makeover is as different as the woman receiving the procedures, so all recovery times vary as well. All advice pertaining to your surgeries will be given before and after your procedure both by our top-surgeons and staff.

    Yes, and every case varies. If you are considering a Mommy Makeover, please reach out to us for a consultation to discuss specific plans based on your healthcare plans and the results you wish to achieve.

    As always at the South Florida Center for Cosmetic Surgery in Miami, general anesthesia is administered by a top professional M.D. Anesthesiologist.

    Yes, post-surgery here at our Miami Center you may go home the same day; however an adult must be available to take you home due to your recovery from general anesthesia.

    Our center is located off exit 12 on I-95 at 152 NE 167th St, Unit 102, Miami, FL 33162.

    Patient pictures are showing Before and After results are actual patients – Individual results vary. Client Testimonials are based on personal experience and are the opinion of individual clients. Any claims made on this website are intended to provide information about procedures provided here. Realistic Individual results will be discussed with you based on your information with an initial consult with a doctor or health care professional provided for your free consultation. The information provided is NOT intended as medical advice and is for your general knowledge only.