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Brazilian Butt Lift Fat Transfer

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) refines the entire “S”-shaped curve of your profile. South Florida Center For Cosmetic Surgery with its location near Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Weston, and Orlando offers the best results on fat transfer from our Board Certified Doctors. 

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Brazilian Butt Lift Fat Transfer


The procedure begins with liposuction; we excise excess fat from selected areas of the hips, thighs, back, and abdomen. We then purify the suctioned fat before transferring it to the upper buttocks in small amounts. 

That fat is then strategically injected at varying depths to form an enhanced, but very natural, new curve. The Brazilian Butt Lift is beneficial for several reasons, including the following:

  • The areas that are liposuctioned are often “problem areas” (i.e., the flanks, thighs, lower back, and abdomen) that are hard to reduce with diet and exercise.
  • By removing fat from these body parts, the area around the buttocks looks smaller and leaner.
  • The surgeon tends to extract more fat than is needed to augment the buttocks because not all of the fat will survive the transplantation.
  • Even patients will smaller frames agree that since the area around the buttocks looks smaller after surgery, the butt itself becomes more noticeable.
  • The liposuctioned fat is injected into the upper quadrant of the buttocks, so it looks lifted in all the right places.
  • The result is a beautiful “S”-shaped curve.
  • Using the patient’s fat decreases the risk of infection or adverse reaction.
  • The procedure is a combination of plastic surgery treatments but requires only one surgical recovery with a short downtime.

Some women are born with small, flat or boxy rear ends. Others experience sagging as they age. Now every woman can have a gorgeous new backside by undergoing Brazilian butt lift in Ft. Lauderdale.


Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery


After a Brazilian Butt Lift surgery, you will experience some discomfort for a few hours after the anesthesia wears off. Your surgeon will give you medication to keep you as comfortable as possible.

Avoid the sitting position during the first week that follows your procedure. Patients wear a unique garment to reduce swelling for about two weeks. Cold compresses can further reduce swelling and ease any discomfort.

You may shower the day after your procedure, though many of our patients choose to wait an additional day. When you do choose to shower, pat dry the incision area or use a cool hair dryer.

We recommend removing surgical drains after the first week. Sutures are to be removed within ten days. Some patients experience bruising that last three to four weeks. Your incision scar will continue to improve for more than a year after your procedure. Avoiding cigarette smoking during the first two weeks after surgery will greatly assist your body’s natural healing processes.

Patients whose jobs do not involve full-time sitting usually return to work in just a few days. Other patients wait up to two weeks.

One month after your procedure swelling will have reduced substantially and you may resume your regular exercise routine.

Your complete and speedy recovery requires that several specific instructions be followed, including particular positions for rest and sleep, bathing techniques, and mild exercises. Be sure to ask your surgeon about any concerns or questions you have about the recovery process. At South Florida Center, we believe your health and happiness are the most important considerations at any time.


Brazilian Butt Lift Board Certified Doctors


Doctor Lakin

Doctor Pinnella

Doctor Alexander


Brazilian Butt Lift Frequently Asked Questions


Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions about Brazilian Butt Lifts. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, please write to us, be sure to include the procedure name and your question!


How is the fat transfer to butt area done?

We remove excess fat from selected areas of the hips, thighs, back, and abdomen. We then purify the fat, becoming the “donor” fat that and inject it into the upper buttocks. The fat is placed at varying depths to ensure the very highest absorption rate. The result is a fuller, more voluptuous and prominent backside.

Is the Brazilian Butt Lift the only way to augment my butt?

There are two ways to enhance your buttocks: the Brazilian Butt Lift or traditional butt implants. The Brazilian technique carries a lower risk of infection than implants and also tends to achieve a more natural look. And, because the areas receiving liposuction during a Brazilian style lift are made leaner, a patient’s entire profile gains a sensuous new contour.

How do I prepare for my Brazilian butt lift procedure?

During your initial preoperative visit with your surgeon, we will need your complete medical history, including all of your medications, allergies and previous surgeries. You will undergo a thorough physical examination and blood tests. Feel free to talk to your doctor about the exact look you are hoping to achieve and any questions you have about your procedure.

What form of anesthesia does South Florida Center?

Our professional M.D. Anesthesiologist always administers general anesthesia for all surgical procedures.

How long does the procedure take?

Operating time for the Brazilian Butt Lift is about two hours.

How long before I can return to my daily activities?

Our patients can resume to their a fraction of their daily activities, such as returning to a job that does not require constant sitting. Strenuous activities, such as your usual exercise regime, must wait three or four weeks. Your doctor will follow your progress closely and advise you as to which activities are safe during your healing process.

What are the possible Brazilian Butt lift complications?

Complications are possible with any surgical procedure, including the Brazilian Butt Lift. It is essential to enter into any procedure aware of the potential complications as well as the benefits. The most common risk associated with this procedure is the possible absorption of the transferred fat in the weeks following surgery. While not dangerous, this occurrence would require a second insertion of fat into the buttocks. A second procedure gets satisfactory results in nearly all cases.

A recurrence of droopiness is possible, especially in overweight patients or those with an extreme excess of skin. Asymmetry in the buttocks is also possible. However, this result is most likely in patients with significant asymmetry before surgery. A second procedure can usually achieve just the right balance.

Rare complications include excessive bleeding or infection, wound healing problems, prolonged fluid drainage, changes in skin sensation, blood clotting or scaring. These challenges are nearly always correctable and short term.

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