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Silicone Injection Removal

Are you looking to get silicone injection removal surgery in Fort Lauderdale?

Creating a rounder buttocks or fuller breasts can add that extra boost of confidence you’ve been looking for. Some patients have undergone silicone injection in order to achieve the results they are looking for. Unfortunately, with many silicone injections the results are not what patient had hoped for. The silicone may not settle how they would have like. Silicone injections can also lead to discomfort, pain, and in some cases dangerous complications. Injectable silicone used for body contouring is not an FDA approved treatment and should be avoided. For those patients who have undergone silicone injections in the past, silicone injection removal may be an option. Here at the South Florida Center for Cosmetic Surgery, our board certified plastic surgeons are experienced at procedures to help correct and remedy complications from silicone injections to help you look and feel your best.

Silicone Injection Removal can be successfully achieved using specifically-targeted liposuction to eradicate the unwanted silicone injected in a previous procedure(s). Here at the South Florida Center for Cosmetic Surgery, we use traditional liposuction to target the silicone, or we use VASER liposuction which uses the vibration amplification of sound energy at resonance (or VASER) separating the silicone from the tissue in the unwanted areas in more delicate areas, or to achieve different results based on what specifically needs to be achieved.

As always, as with any procedure, please contact us for a consultation with one of our top, board-certified plastic surgeons. If you have further questions pertaining to any lift or augmentation procedure that may be performed after the silicone removal procedure, potential results and options may also be discussed during this consultation.

We are a premier destination for cosmetic surgery, and we know that achieving the results you want is important, so we specialize in these reversal and removal procedures. Whether you are seeking Silicone Injection Removal for aesthetic reasons, or due to discomfort or pain, you want to trust the hands in charge of your procedure. We have had patients trusting us with the highest-quality cosmetic surgery procedures for more than 15 years. Trust matters, and we pride ourselves on our clients’ glowing reviews, because from your initial consultation, to your interactions with our patient activists, to your procedure with one of our highly-specialized board-certified surgeons, we will make sure you feel as comfortable as possible until you achieve the results you deserve.

Starting at $5,999

  • Highly-specified silicone removal
  • Removal of dismorphing
  • Top-tier board specializing surgeon
  • Reversed-side effects of pain or discomfort
  • Smoother, more natural appearance

Your consultation with one of our top surgeons will provide more specific information regarding the procedure as well as the final cost. Depending on the patient, the areas treated, and the amount or area of silicone being removed will be factored. At The South Florida Center for Cosmetic Surgery, we offer Silicone Injection Removal using traditional liposuction (starting at $1,999) as well as the option to use Vaser Liposuction (starting at $2,499), not including anesthesia or surgeon fees. As always we pride ourselves on our commitment to our patients, and if assistance is needed to find the most convenient payment method for their procedure, we have options available that may be discussed with us. We work with third-party financing companies to offer flexible payment plans with instant approval based upon your credit score. And due to the years of experience we have working with our superior network of experienced physicians and vendors, we are sure we can assist you in finding the right financial planning assistance you need to ensure you are getting the best possible care and results at a financial pace that suits your lifestyle best.

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The Silicone Injection Removal Process


The initial consultation for Silicone Injection Removal is extremely important as it will be determine your candidacy based off your previous procedure(s), the areas in which you would like to have the procedure done, the size and state of your silicone injections, any and all symptoms of pain and discomfort you may be feeling, as well as your medical history. Please expect to provide any and all relevant information including on the previous including a list of all current medications, allergies, and any details of any previous surgeries. After your extensive consultation and approval by your surgeon, you will undergo a physical exam, including blood tests before photographs will be taken by our highly-trained staff to help plan your Silicone Injection Removal procedure. Before your procedure you will be given important instructions on how to prepare, including cautions about taking certain medications, alcohol, and food consumption. Specific care instructions for hygiene leading to your procedure will also be given.


Prior to the procedure, general anesthesia will be administered by a board-certified anesthesiologist. Depending on the area(s) of the intended removal, your surgeon will then make minimal small, strategically placed incisions to insert the closed system cannulas, which are small tubes used to remove, via suction, the undesired silicone. This will be accomplished using either of the removal techniques as consulted upon by your surgeon:

  • Traditional liposuction technique to suction the unwanted silicone from the tissue
  • Vaser ultrasound-assisted device technique inserted to break up the injected silicone from the tissue

At the completion of this extremely specified and technically-removed process, the surgeon will suture the skin at the incision points back together, then apply a bandage or surgical garment for healing and sterilization.

The total time of this process varies based off the silicone injections, amount, area being removed from, and your surgeon will consult you on the time this procedure will take.


Recovery time varies based off the location of the Silicone Injection Removal, amount of removal, and the extent of the previous side effects of the silicone, as well as which liposuction technique was administered.

Most patients need at least one to two weeks of recovery time depending on the area of the procedure. Some initial swelling and bruising can occur for 1-4 weeks, after natural settling of the surrounding tissue, results will be seen beginning at two weeks and may develop throughout the first year following the procedure.

Post Surgery

After the initial two weeks of recovery time try to avoid strenuous activity to the area of the procedure for six weeks. Follow-up office visits occur 1-day post-operation, then 1 week and 1 month after the procedure. Any further appointment would be advised by your surgeon.

If you are unhappy with any silicone injections due to aesthetic reasons or discomfort or pain (usually in larger areas of the body such as the breasts or butt) please contact us for a consultation so we may give you specific guidance.

Here at the South Florida Center for Cosmetic Surgery we truly pride ourselves on the results our top surgeons achieve. We would like to direct you to contacting us for a consultation to determine what a reasonable expected result could be achieved in your case.

Liposuction procedures are generally done using a saline solution flush into the designated area and then a vacuum suction that removes the silicone injections from the tissue. The Vaser process uses ultrasound waves that reverberate at high speeds to break the injections from their connection to the tissue. This process can allow a gentler removal of the silicone than traditional liposuction. Please, as always contact us to discuss which option is best for you.

Any silicone that is removed is permanently removed.

Following full recovery after your Silicone Injection Removal surgery, you may have a consultation with our top-tier surgeons regarding what goals you have. Of course you may discuss what you would like to see during your initial consultation, but please be advised no decisions will be approved by your surgeon until after the successful completion of the initial injection removal procedure.

Here at the South Florida Center for Cosmetic Surgery safety and comfort are paramount as well as your results, and we only administer general anesthesia by a professional M.D. Anesthesiologist.

Yes, you may recover at home the same day as your procedure; however an adult must take you home.

Patient pictures are showing Before and After results are actual patients – Individual results vary. Client Testimonials are based on personal experience and are the opinion of individual clients. Any claims made on this website are intended to provide information about procedures provided here. Realistic Individual results will be discussed with you based on your information with an initial consult with a doctor or health care professional provided for your free consultation. The information provided is NOT intended as medical advice and is for your general knowledge only.