Things you didn’t know about Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation Blog Post

The least asked but most important questions to ask
about Breast Augmentation usually involve post-op recovery, pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight loss, and a few others. Here are a few important factors to consider when preparing for Breast Augmentation.

1. What to look for in before and after photos?

When choosing a surgeon for your procedure, always make sure to look at his previous work. The “before and after” photos are one of the ways to gather more information about your doctor. First and foremost, the “after” pictures should always reflect an improvement in a woman’s appearance. Pay attention to proportions and symmetry and scar placement. Even though all surgical procedures leave a scar, a skilled surgeon will minimize their appearance. The breasts should look natural and suit the frame of a patient. Look for good results in many of their previous patients, not just one. If you’re seeing a lot of women who are happy with the results of their procedure, that’s a good sign.

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2. Should I lose weight before or after Breast Augmentation?

Achieving your weight goal is the best thing to fo before any plastic surgery. Fluctuations in weight can result in looseness of the skin. To maintain your beautiful results it is recommended to maintain the weight after the surgery.

3. Breast Augmentation before and after pregnancy – what is the difference?

You can still get pregnant and breastfeed after getting Breast Augmentation. If you wish to preserve the ability to breastfeed, you need to discuss this with the surgeon prior to your procedure, so they can choose an appropriate technique. Women’s bodies go through a lot of changes during pregnancy and for about a year after childbirth. There is no formula that fits all. Some women may require an implant revision or a breast lift after pregnancy. However, in other cases no additional procedures are necessary.

4. Discomfort after surgery. What’s expected and what could be a serious complication?

You will feel sore for 2-3 weeks after your surgery, it is common to have a lot of swelling and some bruising. You may experience tightness and stretching sensation in the chest. The breasts may be uneven for a few weeks after the procedure. Symptoms such as shooting pain and soreness of the nipples, tiredness, bloating and constipation are completely normal after surgery. If you’re experiencing unusual levels of pain, make sure to contact your doctor.

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5. What can you do to speed up recovery and improve the results of surgery?

Make sure to take your prescribed medications, follow your doctor’s recommendations regarding workout and lifting restrictions, diet, sleeping position, bra selection, and massage.

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