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Weight redistribution after liposuctionWeight Gain After Liposuction

In our last blog post, the team at South Florida Center for Cosmetic Surgery provided the answer to common questions about wearing compression garments after liposuction. Now we have decided to blog about another common liposuction-related question, which is whether body weight redistributes after liposuction. If you have always wondered about possible weight redistribution and weight gain after liposuction, you can find the answer here.

How Fat Cells Behave

We are born with a fixed number of fat cells. If you gain weight, they enlarge, and if you lose weight  they shrink. Removing fat cells with plastic surgery changes the way liposuction patients gain weight after the liposuction procedure. Liposuction reduces the amount of fat in the treated area, and the extracted fat cells are permanently removed from the body. If you gain weight after liposuction, the untreated areas will become larger. The remaining fat cells in the treated area can enlarge, but they will not multiply.

For example, let’s say that you tend to hold weight in your abdomen. You opt to have liposuction on your abdomen but end up gaining weight after your procedure. Most of the weight gain will go to other areas, such as your thighs and buttocks. However, the remaining fat cells in your abdomen will also respond to the weight gain by getting bigger.

This is why plastic surgeons emphasize that liposuction is not akin to weight loss surgery. The surgical procedure should only be used to reshape a problem area (e.g., abdomen, thighs, buttocks) that is disproportionately larger to the rest of the body. And, liposuction should only be performed on individuals that can control their weight and follow healthy lifestyle habits. Think of the operation as a way to fine-tune a specific area of the body, instead of causing allover weight loss.

Maintain Results Long-Term

The best way to enjoy liposuction results long-term and avoid weight redistribution is to maintain your immediate post-operative weight. (Losing a little bit of weight is also helpful.) Exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy diet, fueling your body with nutritious, well-balanced meals will help stave off weight gain. Many people find that after liposuction, they have extra motivation to stay in shape. After seeing the beautiful results of treatment, they are even more likely to diet and exercise regularly.

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