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Should I Get A Breast Implant Upgrade?

Choosing a type of breast implant, whether you are planning to undergo breast augmentation surgery for the first time or are thinking about replacing your current implants, is a personal decision. However, here are a few questions to ask yourself when considering whether to upgrade to silicone breast implants, which will help you make your ultimate decision.

Could Silicone Implants Fit My Body Type?

Breast augmentation patients must have a sufficient amount of skin, fat and breast tissue to cover and support breast implants properly. In addition, saline implants are more prone to rippling or folding within the implant pocket. In patients with thin skin and little body fat, saline implants are more likely to cause visible rippling underneath the skin’s surface. That is why patients with this body type often benefit from choosing silicone implants instead of saline implants.

Will I Have to Undergo Breast Imaging Exams?

The body can naturally absorb the saline, or sterile saltwater, filling material inside saline breast implants. This means that in case of an implant rupture, your body would safely absorb and pass the filling material. Also, in case of implant rupture, you would notice that there is a problem with the damaged implant because your breast would look flat on the affected side.

In contrast, the body cannot absorb the silicone gel filling material inside silicone implants in case of a leak, or rupture. Instead, the silicone filling material stays intact either within or close to the implant pocket. When this happens, it can lead to a condition called “silent rupture,” in which the patient does not realize there is a problem with the breast implant.

For this reason, the FDA recommends that patients with silicone breast implants undergo breast imaging exams (e.g., mammogram, MRI) every three years, starting the third year after the initial enhancement surgery. If you are okay with the idea of having a breast imaging exam every three years, silicone implants might be the appropriate choice for you.

Is It Worth the Slight Premium for Implants That More Closely Resemble Natural Breasts?

Silicone breast implants look and feel more like natural breasts than saline implants. They are also available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to fit various body type and frames. However, they also require a slightly larger incision for insertion than their saline counterparts because silicone implants come prefilled from the manufacturer. (Saline implants can be filled by your surgeon after insertion.) For these reasons, silicone breast implants are slightly more expensive than saline implants. However, if you do not mind paying a slight premium for implants that more closely resemble the look and feel of natural breasts, silicone implants might be right for you.

The best way to determine whether to upgrade to silicone implants is to come in for a consultation. Your knowledgeable breast augmentation surgeon can listen to your aesthetic objectives and evaluate your anatomy before suggesting the type of breast implant that is most appropriate for your needs.

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