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QWO is the first FDA-approved non-surgical, injectable clinically proven treatment to reduce cellulite even in severe cases. It is the newest cellulite treatment; over 1800 women have participated in the trials of the product, and the results were outstanding.

South Florida Center for Cosmetic Surgery Med Spa is the first and exclusive provider in Fort Lauderdale to introduce this treatment to its patients.

9 out of 10 women have cellulite, it is a part of being a woman. The reason it occurs lies in the skin anatomy. The outer layer of skin is connected to the deeper tissues with fibrous bands. Those bands thicken over time, which results in pulling the skin inwards. The fat cells live between the outer layer and the deep tissues creating padding, and as the fibrous bands pull the skin in more and more, the fat cells push against the skin, creating an uneven surface, which is what we call cellulite.

QWO works by targeting the fibrous bands and releasing them, as well as stimulating collagen production and redistributing the fat cells.

Payment options: Credit Card, Cash. Financing options: Alphaeon, Advance Care Card, United Medical

$1000 per session

  • Reduces the appearance of cellulite even in mild and severe cases
  • Administered in 10 minutes
  • Works by targeting fibrous bands and releasing them
  • Provides Collagen Production

The Process

Before Treatment

The provider will go over your medical history to see if you’re a good candidate for the treatment. They will evaluate the areas that concern you, ask about the goals and the desired outcome, and then develop the best treatment course to help you get the result you want. They will explain the procedure and answer any questions you may have.


The provider will use a topical anesthetic to reduce any pain, then inject the substance in the dimples in problematic areas. The procedure only takes about 10 minutes and is nearly painless.

Post Treatment

You may experience bruising, redness, itching, and hardness in the treatment area, but those side effects typically go away in a few days. You can return to your normal activities immediately after the procedure. The result is assessed 4 weeks after the last session. The full result settles within 10 weeks.

QWO is delivered in a course of 3 treatments, the sessions are scheduled 3 weeks apart. Going through the entire course of 3 sessions is a must to achieve the desired result. The substance is injected into the dimples, and during a single session, a provider can treat up to 2 areas. The result is assessed 4 weeks after the last session. The full result settles within 10 weeks.

The injection is roughly 10 minutes per session.

None. The provider will use a topical anesthetic spray to provide relief of local discomfort.

Yes. There is no downtime after the procedure, and you can go back to your normal activities immediately after you leave the office.

  • Do not use QWO if you are allergic to collagen or any other ingredients of the substance.
  • Let your healthcare provider know if you are pregnant or nursing, or planning a pregnancy in the near future.
  • Make sure to notify your provider if you have a bleeding disorder or are taking blood thinners.
  • Before receiving QWO, list all prescription medicine you take (if any).

  • Seek medical care if you have one or more of the following side effects after receiving the treatment: hives, trouble breathing, pain in the chest, swelling of the face, low blood pressure, dizziness or fainting.
  • Bruising, redness, itching, and hardness in the treatment area is normal, and typically go away after several days.
  • If you’re experiencing any unusual side effects, please feel free to report them to the FDA


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