Do Breast Implants Ever Need to Be Replaced?

Do Breast Implants Ever Need To Be Replaced?

Breast implant removalIf you are considering breast augmentation or recently had the operation to enhance your breasts, you might wonder about the longevity of your breast implants. Will you, at some point, need to replace them with a new pair? The South Florida Center for Cosmetic Surgery addresses that common question here.

Implants Are Long-Lasting Medical Devices

Breast implants are designed to be stable and long-lasting. They do not come with an expiration date, and the implants that we use at our practice have very low rates of failure.

The only reasons why you would need to replace your implants are:

1)     The implant ruptures, leaks or develops a complication

2)     You want to change their size

Let’s break those reasons down in more detail.

Rare Possibility of Complication

Although it is very rare for an implant to fail, as with any man-made device, it is possible. Potential complications include rupture, leak, “bottoming out” and capsular contracture.

It is very obvious when a saline implant ruptures or leaks; the saline filling is quickly absorbed by the body and the deflated side looks noticeably different. It is more difficult to detect a leak or rupture in silicone implants, due to the thick, viscous nature of the filling. This is why women with silicone implants are encouraged to have MRIs on a regular basis to check the integrity of the implants. Capsular contracture is another breast implant complication which occurs when scar tissue forms around the implant and squeezes it (causing the breasts to harden and contort).

We want to emphasize that these complications are very rare. However, when they occur, implants must be replaced. In this scenario, you could opt for the same type and size of implant or select a new option.

Desire to Change Implant Size

The second scenario involves a change in personal preference. Perhaps you regret not initially selecting larger implants for more noticeable results. Perhaps you have found, over time, that large implants are not conducive to your active lifestyle or your tastes. It might be difficult to run marathons or participate in CrossFit classes with oversized breasts. You might feel that your breast size is age-inappropriate as you get older. It is your call — whatever your reasons, our breast augmentation surgeons can help you select a more appropriately sized pair of implants.

Learn More about Breast Implants

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