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What is a Tummy Tuck?

Tummy Tuck, or Abdominoplasty, is one of the most popular procedures in plastic surgery. We put together a list of the most searched questions about Tummy Tuck, gathered information to clear up any misconceptions and provide you with the right answers, and help you make the right decision.

1. How much does Tummy Tuck cost?

At South Florida Center for Cosmetic Surgery, we offer Tummy Tuck starting at $2,499. To get a personalized quote please make sure to submit your images for the free virtual consultation.

2. Who is this procedure for?

Tummy Tuck surgery is a surgical procedure for men and women who are in good health; who were once obese and have excess skin and fat deposits in the area of the abdomen. It is also a great solution for women after pregnancy whose skin did not shrink to its initial form. When the skin stretches and forms a stomach overhang, it is nearly impossible to get rid of it even with diet and exercise alone. Abdominoplasty removes excess fat and skin in just a couple of hours.

3. What are the steps of the surgery?

Make sure to prepare the list of questions to ask a surgeon before the procedure if you’re interested to know exactly what happens in the OR. Typically, the plastic surgeon will make an incision from hip bone to hip bone, lift the skin above the abdominal muscles, tighten the muscles with surgical sutures, trim the excess skin at the bottom, create a new opening for the navel, and close the skin.

4. How long is recovery?

First and foremost, it is crucial to follow your doctor’s recommendations to recover well and eliminate the possibility of any complications. The area of treatment will be stitched up and bandaged after the surgery, it is very important to learn how to care for the bandage. Your movements will be restricted for at least 6 weeks. Make sure to be careful when you move around. Take enough time off work to allow yourself to heal. Maintain a proper diet and start exercising when allowed by the doctor. The full recovery typically takes up to 6 months. The scar is permanent, it may fade, however it will never disappear completely.

5. What are the risks and dangers?

The biggest dangers of Tummy Tuck are rare and may include blood clots, bleeding under the skin in the area of treatment, and/or infection. Minor common complications and discomfort are associated with swelling, pain, numbness, and/or bruising for a few days after surgery.

6. What to NOT expect?

The results of Tummy Tuck are permanent for the most part, however, if your weight fluctuates drastically, you may develop the same issue over time and require an additional procedure. Tummy Tuck is NOT a cure for obesity, if you suffer from this serious condition, consider weight loss options before getting a Tummy Tuck.

7. When should you postpone Tummy Tuck?

We would recommend postponing the Tummy Tuck procedure to women who consider future pregnancy until after they’re done having children; to people who are planning to lose weight or are in the middle of their weight loss journey, until they’ve reached the target weight.

8. Mini Tummy Tuck vs Full Tummy Tuck?

The mini Tummy Tuck is for people who have some loose skin, but not enough for a traditional Tummy Tuck. During the procedure, the surgeon will remove excess skin from the lower part of the abdominal area (below the navel) and tighten the muscles of that area as well.

If you would like to learn more about the procedure, our surgeons, and see the Before & After images, make sure to check out our Tummy Tuck page. Request a Free Virtual Consultation at any time, and we will happily help you on the way to your desired body.

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