Kybella or Chin/Neck Liposuction?


Either way, we’re saying goodbye to that double chin! But let’s figure out which procedure is better for you!

1. How is it done?

Kybella¬Æ is injected in the “double chin” area, and the substance permanently destroys fat cells over time. It’s a non-surgical procedure that takes about 30 minutes (an hour with numbing).

Liposuction of the neck/chin is a minimally invasive surgery. Excess fat is removed from the area with a thin cannula that’s attached to a suction device. In some cases, submental liposuction may be done under local anesthesia.

Kybella® before and after (4 treatments)

2. Downtime, Recovery, and Final Results

Kybella® treatment takes 30 minutes to 1 hour with numbing, and you may return to your daily activities immediately after leaving our office. The results achieved with Kybella® are permanent and settle in 4-6 weeks after the treatment.

Liposuction on the other hand is a surgical procedure that requires preparation as any other invasive operation. You will have to take a day off work, and reduce your normal activities for a few days after. For most patients, downtime for Chin Lipo is around 1 week, and final results are permanent and expected to settle in about 1-month post-op.

3. Pain Level

Side effects of Kybella® injections include redness, bruising, and swelling in the area of treatment which typically goes away within a week. There are no marks or scarring.

Pain associated with chin or neck lipo is minimal, however, those areas are quite sensitive, and you may need to wear a wrap for 2 weeks after the procedure to minimize swelling.

Submental Liposuction by Dr. Timothy Alexander

4. Number of Sessions

One session of Kybella® can help remove up to 25% of fat in the area. Depending on the desired outcome, a patient may require 4-6 sessions 6-8 weeks apart. With Liposuction, typically, a single session is enough to achieve the desired outcome.

5. Cost

The cost of Kybella® starts at $1400 for 2 vials, the number of vials needed to achieve the desired result is determined during the initial consultation.

At the South Florida Center for Cosmetic surgery we offer Submental Liposuction for $2500, not including the surgeon’s fee and anesthesia.

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