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Dr. Timothy Alexander, M.D., F.R.C.S

Dr. Timothy Alexander, M.D., F.R.C.S., has diligently followed his passion for cosmetic surgery, traveling the world, and learning new and different techniques from some of the world's top plastic surgeons. Dr. Alexander has over 30 years of active practice experience, as well as additional training exceeding Board Certification requirements by a full five years. He is one of the best trained and most experienced surgeons in Florida, drawing upon experience that most plastic surgeons lack.

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About Dr. Timothy Alexander

Dr. Alexander received his Medical Doctorate at the Otago University Medical School in New Zealand. He also pursued surgical training as a house surgeon at Napier Hospital in New Zealand, the University of Hawaii in Honolulu, and the Princess Margaret Hospital in Nassau, Bahamas. His wide range of international experience spans London, England and Perth Australia, where Dr. Alexander honed his skills and earned various certifications to perform a wide variety of cosmetic procedures.

He completed his training as a Maytag Fellow in plastic surgery under the tutoring of the nationally and internationally recognized Dr. Ralph Millard. Dr. Millard is one of the highest authorities in the field of plastic surgery and was nominated as one of the “Ten Plastic Surgeons of the Millennium” by the members of the American Society of Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Alexander has been performing cosmetic surgery independently in South Florida since 1982. He describes cosmetic surgery as his passion, regularly attending national symposiums and continuing education programs in the field throughout the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Brazil.


Otago University Medical School 1970
Dunedin, New Zealand- MD
University of Hawaii 1972 – 1973
Honolulu, Hawaii- Surgical Resident
Royal Perth Hospital 1975
Perth, Australia- Registrar in surgery
Burwood Hospital 1976
Christchurch, New Zealand- Senior House Surgeon
St. Lukes Hospital 1979
Bradford, England- Fellow in Plastic Surgery
Plastic Surgery Associates 1979
Miami, Florida- Maytag Fellow Plastic Surgery


Fellowship of The Royal College of Surgeons

  • Fort Lauderdale Illustrated Top Docs 2021
  • Allergan Top 500 Partner
  • Royal College of Surgeons
  • University of Otago
  • Boca Magazine Top Doctors 2022


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