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Belotero Balance®

South Florida Center for Cosmetic Surgery

The aging process affects all of us, leading to loss of volume and skin elasticity throughout the face. Sun exposure, pollutants and gravity can aggravate these signs of aging. Wrinkles can begin to form around the mouth and eyes, and the area under the eyes can become hollow-looking.

The good news is, you can delay or even reverse these signs of aging without facial plastic surgery thanks to the advent of minimally invasive, injectable dermal fillers *. One of the latest advancements in injectable cosmetic treatment is BELOTERO BALANCE®, an FDA-approved, hyaluronic acid (HA)-based dermal filler. HA is a naturally occurring substance comprised of the same moisturizing, volume-generating component found in skin cells *. Once HA is injected, it immediately plumps up the regions of the face where volume is missing. At the South Florida Center for Cosmetic Surgery Medical Spa, we can treat even the finest lines with BELOTERO BALANCE® *.

Results of BELOTERO BALANCE® last about six months or longer.

How is BELOTERO BALANCE® different from other injectable dermal fillers?

Although the HA ingredient in BELOTERO BALANCE® is similar to the one in other dermal fillers such as Juvèderm®, BELOTERO BALANCE® has exclusive properties that allow it to adapt within skin cells to provide balanced repair *. At the South Florida Center for Cosmetic Surgery Medical Spa, we can use this extremely versatile dermal filler to address both severe folds such as nasolabial folds (the parenthetical-looking lines that extend from the nose to the edges of the mouth) and fine lines such as the vertical lines that can develop above the upper lip. In addition, we can also use BELOTERO BALANCE® to treat the hollow area underneath the eyes *.

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Do not delay addressing signs of facial aging. If left untreated, signs of aging will only worsen. However, you can correct the problem today. At the South Florida Center, one of the leading medical spas in Ft. Lauderdale, we can help you rebuild your skin’s natural ability to fight the signs of aging.


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