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Transgender Feminization

The contrast between the structure of the male and the female

There are quite a number of contrasting features between the bone structure of males and females, these differences have been appreciated and studied by both artistes and anthropologists. Females have noses that protrude less when compared to that of males, their chins are not as pointed as the males too. The brow bone and the shape of the mid forehead is also very contrasting in males and females. It has been discovered that the overall look and contour of the skin covering the face is determined by the shape of the skull. Therefore, altering the skull’s shape will drastically and instantly change ones face from a male face to a females’. To further achieve a feminine appearance the angle of the lower jaw can be modified as well as the protuberance of the cheeks. The most practiced aspect of cosmetic surgery of the face in this country is to improve facial appearances by reducing the visible effects of aging; such procedures include reduction of wrinkles, removal of excess sagging skin and removal of fat deposits.

More extensive procedures that we specialize in include, total facelifts, or just the brow lift otherwise known as forehead lifts, fat removal from the neck and blepharoplasties which is a cosmetic surgery carried out on the eyelids. Our most frequent procedure is the modification of the basic bone structure supporting the faces’ arrangement which changes the contouring of the face. The other surgeries that we perform also include nasal surgery (rhinoplasty), modification of the mandibular angle, modification of both jaws and augmentation or reduction of the chin, cheek, and forehead.

We do not generalize the techniques employed on our patient; each method is unique to the case presented by the transsexual because some do already look feminine while others need a lot of extensive work done, hence we do not operate a one size fits all model. Every surgical procedure is carried out after thoroughly observing the skeletal arrangement of the client. These evaluations are carried out based on results seen through anthropological measurements, photographs, x-rays, patient self-assessment and facial masks.

Transgender Facial Feminization Surgery

Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) or Male Feminization Surgery refers to a reconstructive surgical process that transforms a man’s face to that of a woman’s face as much as possible.  Having a feminine look is very paramount to achieving the perfect transformation, it is even more important because it is the first thing anyone would notice when meeting you for the first time. It ultimately sends a message, a first-time impression of who you are especially the gender you want to be recognized as. Having an outward appearance that matches just how you feel on the inside is the most important for a transsexual. With the use of facial feminizing surgery, this can be easily achieved.

The Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) consists of some or all of these surgeries:

  • Forehead Reduction Surgery
  • Forehead Contouring Surgery
  • Brow Lift (Browplasty)
  • Rhinoplasty (Nasal Surgery)
  • Cheek Enhancement (Augmentation & Reduction)
  • Lip Lift (Lip Reduction) and Lip Filling (Augmentation)
  • Chin Re-contouring (Genioplasty / Mentoplasty)
  • Jaw Contouring (Reshaping or Tapering)
  • Adam’s Apple Reduction (Tracheal Shave)


Forehead Reduction

Forehead Reduction Surgery/hairline lowering/scalp advancement/hairline correction

The forehead reduction is a surgical procedure that alters the original distance between the hairline and the eyebrows.

Effect of Forehead Reduction in Facial Feminization Surgery

Men naturally have higher hairlines, unlike women that continue to recede as they grow older. So the purpose of the Forehead Reduction Surgery is to shift the male hairline forward and give it a more feminine shaped edge. Facial Feminization Surgery is almost incomplete without Forehead reduction surgery because it is a necessary procedure in combating male-pattern balding and shortening the fore head length for most male-to-females transitioning.

Benefits of Forehead Reduction

  • Reducing the space between the eyebrows and hairline
  • Reducing temporal hair loss
  • Improve the appearance of upper forehead wrinkling
  • changing the hairline, for instance, removal or creation of a widow’s peak

All or some these benefits and features can be explored by patients based on their desired look.

Procedure of Forehead Reduction surgery

The Forehead Reduction Surgery is carried out under general anesthesia just as any other surgery of such complexity. An incision is first made along the natural hairline. We make our incisions in a manner that allows the underlying hair roots to spring forth through the scars, which gives a flawless appearance once healing is complete.


Forehead Contouring Surgery

Forehead Contouring Surgery/Forehead Reconstruction/Brow Ridge Re-contouring

The forehead is one of the most prominent features implicated in gender identification. In males, there tends to be a more visible horizontal ridge located right above the brow. This bone is called the brow bridge or glabellar bossing. In women, this bone is much more flat and smoother.

Effect of Forehead contouring in Facial Feminization Surgery

This procedure is also one of the important surgical procedures included in Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) which when completed has a marked effect on the appearance of the patient. This procedure specifically changes the shape and dimensions of the head to look just like that of females’.

Benefits of Forehead Contouring

With the Forehead Contouring Procedure, the prominence of the forehead can be reduced or increased, depressions can be leveled up and the total symmetry improved. This procedure can be carried out alongside other procedures listed below:

  • Forehead Reduction (Hairline Lowering or Scalp Advancement)
  • Brow Lift (Browplasty).

The process of Forehead Contouring surgery

The Forehead contouring is also carried out under general anesthesia; its incisions are made on the scalp within the hairline to decrease the appearance of scarring.

Transgender Brow Lift(browplasty)

The brow lift as the name implies is a surgical procedure that lifts low eyebrows, shapes brows, removes horizontal and vertical lines on the forehead and in between the brows, and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.  The appearance around the eyes will be improved and any form of crow’s feet will be removed as a result of this brow lifting procedure.

Benefit of a Brow Lift procedure in Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS)?

Women naturally have their eyebrows located higher unlike the men, hence to achieve a great feminization procedure, the Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) must involve a brow lift procedure.

The Benefits of a Brow Lift

The brow lift will instantly give you a younger looking face especially because appearances of wrinkles and fine lines in the forehead will be reduced. This is due to the fact that the brow lift specifically alters corrugators muscle; the corrugator muscle is found in between the two eyebrows, it is the point where Botox injections are often administered.

The process often involves severing the entire corrugator muscle which in turn eliminates any future need for Botox injections hence stopping any wrinkling from occurring in between the brows.

Do all brows need to be lifted? Is brow shaping more effective?

It is not compulsory for all brows to be lifted to achieve the feminine look; some clients only need to shape their brows to achieve the feminine appearance. The kind of procedure you get is largely dependent on your natural facial characteristics. Dependent on you’re the bone structure of your face it is possible for your brows to be naturally elevated as you become older. If you are considering the overall aesthetics the shape of the brow and its tail’s position is more important. Furthermore, there is a possibility of losing volume in important areas of the brow when they are lifted which can be easily corrected by using your natural body fat as filler through the Fat Grafting Procedure.

The process of Brow Lifting

As expected the brow lifting procedure is carried out under general anesthesia usually through an open approach. The results we have obtained after using the endoscopic technique have certainly not been as impressive as those obtained through the open approach. An incision is made through the edge of the hairline or just before the hairline begins in both approaches which eliminates the occurrence of visible scars.

Feminization Rhinoplasty

About Feminizing Rhinoplasty

Women tend to have narrower noses than men. Its tip points upwards compared to the noses of men. Hence the purpose of the Feminizing Rhinoplasty surgery is to alter the size of the male nose and make it look more like that of a woman.

The process of Feminizing Rhinoplasty

After several years of practice, it has been observed that Feminizing Rhinoplasty is one of the most difficult surgical procedures to successfully carry out. Skill and excellence in surgical ability may not be enough when it comes to this procedure, it also requires an aesthetic eye that can artistically envision the desired look even before the commencement of the surgery.

Effect of Rhinoplasty in Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS)?

The shape, size, and form of the nose is modified to become more feminine with the Rhinoplasty procedure. The Rhinoplasty procedure involves size reduction, narrowing, altering, shaping and moving the nose cartilage internally.

The Benefits of Feminizing Rhinoplasty

The benefit of the feminizing rhinoplasty is not restricted to only feminizing the nose, but is also an important procedure in carrying out reconstructive surgeries needed due to traumatic accidents or deformities. This procedure is also employed in correcting cases of impaired breathing due to congenital nasal structural defects.

Feminizing rhinoplasty and forehead contouring are performed together because the change in the size and shape of the forehead also affects the relative size of the nose.

The process of Rhinoplasty

General anesthesia is employed when performing Feminizing Rhinoplasty which gives allowance for maximum flexibility reduction of size. Visible scarring is minimal or nonexistent because the incision is made at the base of the nose

Cheek Enhancement/Cheek augmentation/Cheek reduction

What is Feminizing Cheek Enhancement?

The cheeks of females are very much fuller than that of males and there is more projection of the cheek-bones. Therefore, the Feminizing cheek enhancement aims at achieving a more feminine shaped and projected cheek.

The process of cheek feminization involves either:

  • Cheek Augmentation: this process involves placing implants on top of the bone just under the skin with the aim of removing shallowness and increasing the cheek’s fullness.
  • Cheek Reduction: simply involves reducing the width and/or just the prominence of the cheeks.
  • Volume Enhancement with Fat Injections: when the face seems deflated this process enhances the size and shape of the cheek

Benefits of cheek augmentation


The purpose of the Feminizing Cheek Augmentation is to make cheeks appear less shallow, fuller and more prominent. The extent to which your face appears feminine depends on your natural facial shape.

The process of Cheek Augmentation

Under the effect of general anesthesia, the Cheek Augmentation involves making incisions on the inside of the mouth to accommodate the insertion of implants. The implants come in different shapes and sizes and allow the opportunity to choose based on  your preference natural bony contours. Cheek augmentation leaves no visible scars.

Benefits of Cheek Reduction

Cheek Reduction just as the name suggests is a process that reduces the cheek’s prominence resulting in a more balanced face especially for those that have excess fullness in this region.

Process of Cheek Reduction

Cheek Reduction is also carried out under general anesthesia where incisions are made inside the mouth and in the scalp without obvious scarring externally.

Lip Lift and Lip Filling

Feminizing the Lips

The lips are positioned differently in both women and women; hence the process of feminizing the lips involves either one of two procedures or both depending on your features:

  • Lip Lift (Upper Lip Reduction): the lips are adjusted to be in a more feminine position.
  • Lip Augmentation (Lip Filling): filling the lips so they appear fuller and more feminine.

Benefits of a Lip Lift (Upper Lip Reduction)

The purpose of the lip lift is to make the upper lip shorter so that the upper teeth can be visible when the mouth is open. This is necessary because the distance between the opening of the mouth and the base of the nose in women is shorter when compared to that of men is usually longer in men, making the upper incisors slightly exposed when the mouth is ajar and relaxed. Improving the feminine facial appearance and overall youthful look by exposing a bit more of the upper teeth are the primary aim and benefit of a lip lift.

The process of a Lip Lift

The client has the opportunity to choose either local or general anesthesia for the performance of a Lip Lift. At first, an incision is made just under the base of the nose then a section of the skin is grafted out. So when the gap is stitched together the upper lip is automatically lifted which then exposes a bit of the upper incisors.  The lip can also be made to appear fuller by rolling the top lip out.

There is little or no scarring because the incisions made are quite hidden in the natural creases just beneath the nostrils. A lip lift can easily be combined with other surgical procedures, including Lip Augmentation and Rhinoplasty.

The benefits of Lip Filling /Lip Augmentation

Filling of the lips is usually performed during the process of feminization because men have thinner lips compared to women. There a number of ways Augmentation or filling of the lips can be carried out. Using some of your own natural tissue to augment your lips is one of the most natural ways to carry it out. Augmentation of the lips can also be achieved by using injectable fillers such as the patient’s own fat or substances like Restylane® via Fat Transfer Injection

The process of Lip Filling

Before undergoing the surgery, your surgeon will educate you on the different means to augment your lips including the different pros and cons of each method.


Feminizing Chin Re-contouring/Genioplasty/Mentoplasty

What is Feminizing Chin Recontouring /Genioplasty

Men are built with longer and squarer chins accompanied with a flat base while women’s chins appear round and softer. Due to this difference in features, the feminizing chin re-contouring involves the processes of reduction, re-shapening, and augmentation till the shape and size of the chin are altered.

Benefits of Feminizing Genioplasty

Since the Feminizing Genioplasty alters the size of a male chin to the size of a female chin and corrects any asymmetries to improve symmetry the feminine appearance is achieved.

The Process of Genioplasty. Is there a need for implants?

Feminizing Genioplasty is performed under general anesthesia with incisions made inside the mouth, leaving no external or visible scarring.

In genioplasty, there is no need for chin implants, only small bolts and screws are needed to keep the bones in place. Using chin implants and carrying out minor burring procedures would defeat the purpose of feminizing then chin. Furthermore, procedures involving chin implants lead to complications and further chin deformities because they often need to be removed for so many reasons.

Jaw Contouring/ Jaw Reshaping/ Tapering

What is Jaw Contouring or Reshaping and how does it Feminize the Face?

The masculine appearance of the male face is as attributed to the shape of the jaw which is much wider and longer than the female jaw. The jaw is also shaped to have a sharp back “corner”. Hence, to achieve a more feminine looking jaw, Jaw Contouring (also known as Jaw Tapering or Jaw Reduction) is used to modify the jaw. The protruding “corner” of the male jaw located at the back can also be modified to be rounder and smoother using a procedure called “mandibular angle reduction”.

A specified section of the bone can also be filed off along the line of the lower edge of the jaw. The chewing muscles can also be reduced to make the jaw appear narrower.

Benefits of a Jaw Contouring

Jaw Contouring benefits the face by narrowing and re-defining its angles which ultimately helps to improve the proportion of facial features making it more feminine in appearance.

A lot of benefits can be received from this procedure especially by patients with asymmetrical or lopsided faces and those seeking to feminize their face.

Process of Jaw Contouring

Jaw Contouring surgery is performed under general anesthesia. The incision is made inside of the mouth with no outside skin incisions, leaving no visible scars.


What is a Tracheal Shave and how does it Feminize the Face?

The Adam’s apple which is located midway the throat is one of the most obvious differences between a woman and man’s appearance. Reduction of Adam’s apple is an essential part of Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) which can be achieved with a surgical procedure known as a Tracheal Shave or Adam’s apple Reduction.

Benefits of a Tracheal shave

This procedure reduces the prominence of the thyroid cartilage to give the neck and throat a smoother and sleeker feminine appearance.

Process of Tracheal Shave

A Tracheal Shave can be performed under local anesthesia, but most patients find it more comfortable to do this under general anesthesia. The procedure can be done on its own or easily combined with other procedures. A small incision is made behind the first crease under the chin and leaves little visible or obvious scarring.

NOTE: It’s very important that the procedure be done correctly because if performed incorrectly, the cartilage may occasionally grow back. Certain techniques are used to minimize that possibility


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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I prepare for surgery?

South Florida Center for Cosmetic Surgery  patients should schedule a consultation to help determine post-operative breast size and to prepare for their cosmetic plastic surgery.

During your preoperative consultation, you will be given specific directions to help you prepare for your procedure. Instructions include cautions about taking certain medication and drinking alcohol, the shaving process and use of antibacterial soap.

You must stop taking aspirin, aspirin-containing medications or diet pills for two weeks before your surgery. Do not eat or drink anything eight hours before your procedure and do not smoke two weeks before and two days after surgery. If you take daily medication, ask your surgeon if it is safe to take before your procedure. If you have any sores on your body, if you have a cold, sore throat or allergic condition, inform your surgeon so you may be examined again before your procedure. If you are at or over age 40, an electrocardiogram will be required.

What is the difference between silicone and saline breast implants?

Saline (salt water) breast implants have been the only choice for transgenders getting breast augmentation over the last 14 years. This has been because of an FDA ban on silicone breast implants while their safety was being determined. Patients undergoing breast reconstruction have been able to choose silicone breast implants during this time and can attest to their natural shape and feeling and their sturdiness. In November of 2006, the FDA cleared these cohesive gel implants for use by patients over 22 years old who are getting breast augmentation. Breast enhancement candidates are encouraged by the FDA’s announcement that “gummy bear” cohesive gel implants are as safe and effective as their salt water (saline) counterparts. At the South Florida Center for Cosmetic Surgery, your surgeon will discuss your options for breast implants and help you make your decision.

Silicone breast implants are less prone to rippling than saline implants; however, most doctors will place a saline implant under a layer of muscle, so there is more tissue above the implant. This lessens the “wrinkling” that you may see or feel through the skin. Some surgeons have found that another way to dampen the rippling of saline implants is to slightly overfill them.

Are implants safe?

Every transgender wonder: “What if my implant bursts?” Saline implants are filled with salt water and, if something did go wrong, the salt water solution would be absorbed by your body. Years ago, there was concern that if silicone breast implants leaked, the silicone could harm a woman’s health. This is no longer the case. Cohesive gel implants, sometimes called “gummy bear” implants, are made of a solid, flexible gel. If one of them is damaged, no harmful fluids or substances will enter the women’s body. The FDA recently cleared cohesive gel implants for general use when it was determined that they were as safe and effective as saline breast implants.

How long does the procedure take?

Operating time varies depending on the surgery performed. On average it would be 2 hours.

What form of anesthesia is used?

General anesthesia is used for all surgical procedures and is performed by a Professional M.D. Anesthesiologist.

Can I return home the same day?

Yes. However, it is necessary that you have someone to pick you up after the procedure, take you home, and stay with you for at least 24 hours.

All Patients must schedule check-up appointments for the following times:

  • 1 day
  • 1 week
  • 1 month
  • 3 months
  • 6 months
  • 1 year

How long before I can return to normal activity?

Depends on the surgery. Most patients return to their usual activities in one week. However, you must not lift anything for the first two weeks and do no heavy lifting for the first four weeks.


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