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Neck Lift


A More Elegant Neck

neck lift patient in ft. lauderdaleMany people are diligent about moisturizing, exfoliating and protecting their face from the sun, but don’t give the neck the same attention. Then, after many years, they are surprised to find that the neck looks years older than their face *.

Neck lift is designed for people that desire a more youthful and attractive neck contour. South Florida Center for Cosmetic Surgery is the practice of choice for patients seeking neck lift for a more elegant-looking neck in Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding areas. If wrinkles, sagging skin or horizontal lines on your neck are drawing attention away from your beautiful face, a neck lift might be right for you.

How Neck Lift Can Improve Your Appearance

Candidates seeking neck lift might complain that their neck looks saggy or ill-defined. They might be concerned about noticeable “turkey waddle,” which is slang for an overly fleshy neck.

Neck lift improves noticeable signs of aging on the neck and along the jawline — primarily, saggy jowls, fat pockets beneath the chin, loose skin or visible horizontal bands on the neck*. After neck lift, the neck skin looks tighter and the contour of the neck is more youthful-looking *.

relaxYour neck lift procedure can involve several components, depending on your specific surgical needs. For example, if you are mostly concerned about excess fat pockets beneath the chin (i.e., a “double chin”), liposuction alone may suffice. However, if you have more extensive needs — such as saggy skin, loose muscles and horizontal banding — the surgeon will have to lift and tighten the skin and muscles using other surgical techniques.

In the majority of cases, neck lift is folded into the traditional facelift operation, since the face and neck tend to age simultaneously. It can also be combined with another facial rejuvenation procedure, like brow lift to elevate a saggy brow or eyelid surgery to tighten droopy eyelids. However, if your neck has aged more quickly than your face, you have the option of having an independently performed neck lift.

Experience and Skill You Can Rely On

To be successful, neck lift surgery should be performed by an experienced and skilled surgeon. Our neck lift surgeons have many years of experience performing the procedure and delivering beautiful and natural looking results *. We believe that neck lift offers an incredible value at an affordable cost. You will be amazed at how a rejuvenated neck improves the appearance of your lower face *. Your experience may vary, please read disclaimers area.

Look As Young As You Feel

If the appearance of your neck is holding you back from feeling beautiful and vibrant, our plastic surgeons can help. We have worked with thousands of patients just like you, who were embarrassed by jowls, “turkey wattle” or horizontal banding*. We generally find that neck lift turns back the clock five to 10 years*.


Following your neck lift, your plastic surgeon will advise you to wear a compression garment for several days to several weeks to support the newly contoured skin. Most of our neck lift patients return to normal activity within a few days, and to work within two weeks.

The incisions will feel tight and your neck may ache for the first 24 to 48 hours. Your doctor will prescribe medication for any pain. After 48 hours, most people are more comfortable and will usually discontinue their pain medication.

It is important during your recovery to keep the sutures clean and well covered in a layer of antibacterial ointment until the sutures are removed after 14 days. You should also avoid strenuous activities, alcohol, steam baths and saunas for several weeks. Limit exposure to the sun for several months. Always use a sun screen with an SPF of at least 15.

You can apply moisturizer to your face and neck if you avoid the suture areas. You can apply camouflage makeup to mask any temporary discoloration one week following surgery. And, you should plan to sleep with your head slightly elevated to deter any potential swelling in the surgery area.

The contours of your neck may at first be distorted from swelling, and facial movements may be somewhat stiff. Bruising may persist for several weeks.

Possible Complications

Unfortunately, all surgery has risks and the potential for complications. However, these are very minimal with a Neck Lift. Remember to share any complications with your doctor immediately should they occur.

With Neck Lift (Platysmaplasty), potential complications include an allergic reaction to the anesthesia and hematoma or seroma. Other complications such as infection, delayed healing (more common in smokers), and excessive scarring are uncommon. Pain can last from a few days to several weeks, but is easily treated with prescription medication.

There could be asymmetry, lumpiness, and/or mottling of the skin. If your neck lift is done to tighten the platsymal muscle and correct a “turkey neck”, there is a chance that your neck muscles will again slacken in the future as part of the natural aging process. A Neck Lift should last 5-10 years.

As with any surgical procedure, small sensory nerves near the surface of the skin are interrupted during a Neck Lift, consequently, portions of your neck and face will feel numb or have less than full feeling. Sensibility returns over several months, but some diminished feelings may last indefinitely. Facial nerve injury with weakness of a part of the face can occur on a transient or permanent basis. The latter is very rare.

Other complications not listed here, can occur but are exceedingly rare. Nonetheless, it is important to enter into your procedure aware not only of the benefits, but also of the possible complications. Talk to your surgeon about every question and concern you may have.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find a list of frequent questions about Neck Lift. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, please write to us, be sure to include the procedure name and your question!

How is this procedure done?

There are different techniques and approaches to a Neck Lift. The specifics will be discussed with you prior to your procedure.

Removing Neck Fat

Most Neck Lift procedures begin with Liposuction to remove excess neck fat and to undermine the skin so it can be more easily tightened. Fat is removed through a small incision just below the chin. The incision is then stitched (sutured) and the areas treated are covered by a bandage or garment to help redrape the skin and contain the swelling.

Tightening Loose Neck Skin

When neck skin is loose, two incisions are made, one under or behind each ear. Sections of skin are trimmed and lifted into place and sutured or fixed with tissue glue.

Tightening Loose Neck Muscle

Tightening the platysma, or neck muscle, requires incisions below the chin and under or behind each ear. These same incision can be used for liposuction of the neck and tightening loose skin. Before the incisions are sutured, a section fat muscle is removed and the ends are sutured to bring them together at the mid-anterior (front) section of the neck.

How Do I Prepare For My Neck Lift?

During your initial preoperative visit with your plastic surgery provider, be prepared to give a complete medical history, including all your medications, allergies and previous surgeries. You will undergo a thorough physical examination and blood tests. If you are at or over age 40, an electrocardiogram will be required. Photographs are important aids in planning and performing your neck lift. They become a permanent part of your patient record and are taken before and several months after your procedure.

During your consultation, you will be given specific directions to help you prepare for your procedure. Instructions generally include eliminating certain herbal supplements and vitamins (such as Vitamin E) from your diet while adding other supplements that encourage healing. It is recommended that you avoid food high in salt and alcoholic beverage during this time period.

It is very important to note that smoking reduces the blood supply to the face and may increase scarring and compromise the good results of a Neck Lift. Therefore, you must stop smoking completely for three weeks before and two weeks after your procedure. “Cutting down” will not help. Complete elimination of smoking is necessary to improve facial blood supply.

You must not eat or drink anything eight hours before your procedure. If you take daily medication, ask your surgeon if it is safe to take before your procedure. You must also stop taking aspirin or diet pills at least two weeks prior to the procedure. If you have any sores on your body, if you have a cold, sore throat or allergic condition, inform your surgeon so you may be examined again prior to your procedure.

How long does the procedure take?

Operating time varies depending on the extent of your procedure(s). The Neck Lift usually requires 2-4 hours.

What form of anesthesia is used?

General anesthesia is used for all surgical procedures and is performed by a Professional M.D. Anesthesiologist.

Can I return home the same day?

Yes, Neck Lifts are performed on outpatient basis. Be sure to arrange for someone to pick you up and take you home.

All Patients must schedule check-up appointments for the following times:

  • 1 day
  • 1 week
  • 1 month
  • 3 months
  • 6 months
  • 1 year

How long before I can return to normal activity?

Most people return to work and their usual activity within ten days. Jogging, aerobics, bicycling and other non-contact sports are permitted three weeks after the procedure.

What is the age limit for a Neck Lift?

Health, not age, determines how long you can wait to have a Neck Lift. A healthy individual can have a Neck Lift well into their eighties *. Your age and the condition of your skin and neck muscles may have an impact on the type of neck contouring procedure recommend for you by your doctor.

How long does a Neck Lift last?

Actually, it depends upon the individual; each person is sagging and aging at a different rate*. A Neck Lift result generally rolls back the clock five to 10 years*.

To find out more about this procedure and what it can do for you, please contact us today and schedule a personal consultation. Call us at (954) 565-7575 or toll-free at (800) 274-LIPO.


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